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Should you do a midyear re-plan?

The time is now for businesses and organizations everywhere to be asking that question. The midyear stretch offers a logical and timely opportunity to take a hard look at the…

How to Improve Financial Reporting

  Feeling trapped in an endless cycle of too much data not enough knowledge? No worries. Here are four steps to better reporting. Most businesses today know that their financial reporting…

Is Automation Killing Finance?

What’s up with all the chatter about automation and artificial intelligence (AI) being job destroyers? Take the often-cited Oxford University study, for example. It suggested that 47% of people employed…

How Can I Be an FP&A Change Agent?

Change doesn’t always come easy in the FP&A world—and I think there are a couple of reasons why. For starters, we’re often a change-averse lot in the workplace. Because of…