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Planting the Seeds of Customer Success Gives Us 3,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Three trees in early stage of growth

We’ve been focused on the long term ever since our early days as a company. That has meant a singular commitment to customer success and the understanding that our accomplishments are only possible if we help our customers achieve and surpass their goals.

“If our customers aren’t successful, we can’t have achieved any other goal that is meaningful.”
—Adaptive Insights Founder and Chairman Rob Hull, acknowledging our customers at the
Adaptive Live 2015 user conference

Last week we celebrated an important milestone on our journey: Adaptive Insights crossed the 3,000th customer mark.

Tree sapling planted in fire-ravaged Tahoe National Forest

The Tahoe National Forest lost 22,500 acres of trees in the 2013 American Fire. Adaptive Insights will aid reforestation efforts with the planting of 3,000 trees.

Because of our belief in building a long-term, sustainable business, we decided to honor our growing customer base by partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree to represent each customer relationship we’ve nurtured over the years. We believe there is no better symbol of our mutual desire for long-term growth and sustainability than working alongside the foundation and the U.S. Forest Service to reinvigorate the Tahoe National Forest, an area ravaged by fire in 2013, just over 200 miles north of our Palo Alto, CA, headquarters.

As we reflect on this milestone and the achievements of our customers, it’s clear that the success of our customer relationships relies on three critical elements coming together: our products, our partners, and our people.


Our success began with our founder Rob Hull’s desire to revolutionize finance and give financial professionals the tools they need to gain a 360-degree view of their organizations—maximizing business performance and gaining insights that would lead to better decision-making and value creation. As a former CFO who felt the pain of spreadsheets and legacy technology, Hull worked with his team on providing cloud-based products that would improve financial processes at companies of all sizes. Today, our solutions are in place with more than 3,000 customers in 85 countries—customers that span large enterprises, small startups, and nonprofits.

Our very first customer, NASCO, an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, remains with us today—more than 10 years since the team first deployed our software. When we started working with the people at NASCO, they were excited to be early adopters of the technology and implement a new approach to their corporate performance management. Since then, they have grown right along with us, and credit our technology as a key tool in helping them continue to make informed business decisions.


Our relationship with NASCO wouldn’t be what it is today without a critical partner relationship. Our partner InnoVergent presented and implemented our solution at NASCO and remains a strong partner today. The team is part of a network of approximately 200 companies that partner with us to ensure we continue to receive high marks in customer satisfaction.

Given the pivotal role our partners play in our success, we were thrilled to announce our 3,000th customer milestone during our annual Worldwide Partner Summit last week. This summit gives us the opportunity to connect with our partners in person and recognize their successes at our annual partner awards ceremony. This year’s winners are:

  • Partner of the Year: Armanino LLP
  • Partner of the Region: EMEA: Miagen
  • Partner of the Region: Americas: Carlson Management Consulting
  • Partner of the Region: APAC: GK Horizons Pty Ltd.
  • Partner Excellence: eCraft Referre Oy Ab
  • Marketing in Motion: Frank Rimerman Consulting LLC

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you for their continued dedication to excellence.


Last, but certainly not least, we also need to recognize the role our employees play in this important achievement. Our solutions were built by finance experts for finance experts, and that expertise remains with us today. From our product teams to our sales teams to our customer success teams and beyond, our employees have been dedicated to our customers’ success from the beginning.

Together, we raise our glasses to the products, partners, and people that come together at the intersection of customers and success. Here’s to our next 3,000 … cheers!

Join us April 25-28 in San Jose, CA as we continue to celebrate our customers at Adaptive Live, our annual user conference. Register before Feb. 19 to get a $300 early-bird discount.

Interested in learning more about this year’s partner award winners? Please visit the following company websites for more information: Armanino LLP, Miagen, Carlson Management Consulting, GK Horizons Pty Ltd., eCraft Referre Oy Ab, and Frank Rimerman Consulting LLC.

Winners of Adaptive Insights 2016 Partner Awards

Team members from Armanino LLP, Miagen, Carlson Management Consulting, GK Horizons Pty Ltd., eCraft Referre Oy Ab, and Frank Rimerman Consulting LLC celebrate their partner award wins with the Adaptive Insights executive team and channel group at the 2016 Worldwide Partner Summit.

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