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700+ Reasons Why We Love SuiteWorld

Netsuite Suiteworld

This week more than 8,000 NetSuite attendees are gathered in San Jose for SuiteWorld 16. If you look around, you’ll see many of the same faces that attended Adaptive Live a few weeks ago. Why? We share more than 700 customer brands with NetSuite due to a relationship that started more than a decade ago.

What’s the secret to our longstanding relationship? NetSuite was among our first customers for Adaptive Planning in 2005. Since those early days, we’ve expanded our customer relationship into an OEM partnership—meaning that NetSuite “white labels” re-skinned Adaptive Insights products within their suite—as well as becoming a NetSuite Certified Partner. But the story doesn’t end there.

With customers like Hortonworks and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to name a few of our 700+ shared customers, we’re driving the adoption of cloud ERP across organizations of all sizes and industries. We are empowering our joint customers to move their financials to the cloud. We are helping to break down data silos.

And we know CFOs are feeling the pain of data silos. In fact, 69% of CFOs said that keeping information siloed in departments is the most common financial mistake that companies make today, according to the CFO Indicator Q3 2015 report. That’s why our latest development with NetSuite is so important. As part of our Adaptive Suite 2016.2 announcement, we released a new, preconfigured NetSuite adapter. This further extends our existing integration so users can bring more types of NetSuite data—such as project, employee, and vendor data—into Adaptive Suite 2016.2 to drive planning and analytics.

Our unique partnership recently gained industry attention, as the focus on data integration takes center stage for finance teams. Market research firm 451 Research highlighted our deeper integration with NetSuite via a new report. With both greater visibility and accessibility, the new Adaptive Suite 2016.2 received high marks from 451 Research. As report author and senior analyst at 451 Research Krishna Roy recently stated, “Agile companies will be those that not only have real-time access to data but can rapidly analyze that data and act on it. Solutions such as this one from Adaptive Insights promise to truly move the needle in an increasingly data-driven world.”

As we close out another year as a sponsor of SuiteWorld, we believe the theme “Be Bold” was well chosen. And, thanks to our ability to provide even more data access to our mutual customers, we’d update it to “Be Bold Together.”

If you are attending SuiteWorld 16, visit us at Booth #737 and join our session today: “Financial Modeling as a Strategic Imperative: Navigating Choppy Waters with NetSuite Financial Planning

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