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Adaptive, CPM & BI Channel Partners Bet On One Another (Literally)

Adaptive Planning, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software2013 was a banner year for the 100+ Adaptive Planning channel partners worldwide, all of whom played a significant role in our rising revenue and global expansion throughout the calendar year.

Our global network of channel partners now covers 102 countries combined, the majority of which were represented at the Adaptive Planning Worldwide Partner Summit (#AdaptiveWPS) in Las Vegas last week, where Adaptive VP of Global Channels Carolee Gearhart closed the Summit with a key message heading into 2014 and an appropriate gift for a Las Vegas event.

“We’re betting on you,” Gearhart said before a full house of Adaptive partners. She then passed out $15 in casino chips to each partner attendee. What happened next appropriately capped off a tremendously successful 2013, and set the stage for even greater results in the year ahead.

“We decided to swap the dinner table for the roulette table to ‘invest’ our Adaptive chips,” said Brian Rumbles, director for UK-based Clear Plan, a leader in delivering business performance management solutions to organizations of any size throughout the UK. Clear Plan is also the winner of the Adaptive Planning International Partner of the Year Award, 2013.

In true collaborative spirit, three Adaptive partners from Australia and one from Denmark joined Rumbles, along two other Clear Plan representatives, to “Bet on Adaptive.”

“It was almost an international partner ‘Full House,’” Rumbles added, explaining that he decided to bet all of his chips on a single number. “I took the sum of four numbers chosen by four different partners, and then subtracted it by a number chosen by a partner who is a financial eliminations expert. It turned out to be 15. So I tossed all my chips on that square. The next thing I heard was a ‘WHOOP!’ from someone who saw that the ball had landed on 15!”

Rumbles’ collaboration with other partners, using Adaptive chips, had quickly yielded an ROI…at 35-1.

“I had been given insights from other partners and ‘Adapted’ the result to arrive at a decision,” Rumbles said. “How appropriate! A great ending to a great week with Adaptive Planning.”

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