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Adaptive Customer CDPHP Wins Saugatuck Beacon Award for Technology Leadership, Innovation

Our customers are using Adaptive Planning technology to create  best-in-class data analytics processes that help to solve their customers’ most pressing challenges. And the analysts are taking notice!
Adaptive Customer CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan), a multi-billion dollar health plan provider with about half a million members, was just recognized for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) excellence by Saugatuck Technology, a leading industry analyst firm. Specifically, Saugatuck recognized CDPHP for using Adaptive technology to adapt to the structural changes within the healthcare industry.

Congratulations to CDPHP, a true innovator and leader in the healthcare industry!

Saugatuck Technology presented CDPHP Director of Finance Mark Smith with the research firm’s annual Saugatuck Beacon Award. The award was announced on Sept. 25 at the Westin New York Times Square hotel in New York City.

Saugatuck’s Beacon Award is given only to companies that truly show technology innovation and leadership in their industries. To win one requires an organization to use  technology in a way that significantly improves business performance and customer experience.

The types of innovation that we envisioned for the Awards are significant improvements in how a firm operates, the types of markets or lines of business that it is in, or how a firm has applied different ways of thinking, management, and use of technologies to create new offerings, markets, ways of doing business, or entirely new businesses,” said Saugatuck SVP and Head of Research Bruce Guptill.

How did CDPHP do it? According to the Saugatuck blog, they did it using Adaptive.

Cloud-based financial analysis and planning solutions built with Cloud-based solutions from Adaptive Planning improved CDPHP’s ability to strategically plan and manage through significant healthcare industry change. Reporting time has been reduced from weeks to minutes; CDPHP’s executive team has instant visibility into its ultimate business drivers; and CDPHP has driven errors out of its models and plans. The solution now in use enables more consolidated and coordinated  financial planning, increasing CDPHP’s ability to model, support, and provide evidence for fee structures with external government stakeholders, while helping to align resources to support business demands driven by further industry change.”

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Also, visit the Adaptive Planning Events page to register for a webinar featuring guest speakers from Adaptive customers in your field who are using Adaptive to make more data-driven, strategic business decisions. And congratulations once again to CDPHP!

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