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Adaptive Discovery Nominated As Top Visual Analytics Solution

Adaptive Discovery Visual Analytics Business IntelligenceAdaptive Discovery, the visual analytics solution added to the Adaptive Planning corporate performance management (CPM) suite in July 2013, has been nominated for “Favorite New Product” of 2013 in this year’s Stevie Awards.

From July 9 – Aug. 9, you can push Adaptive Discovery across the finish line by clicking on the image below and voting today!

The Stevie Awards honor the achievements and contributions of both organizations and business professionals worldwide in a wide range of categories. The “Favorite New Product” category specifically recognizes a wide range of innovate new tools, from software solutions, to consumer electronics.

Adaptive Discovery has been nominated for its intuitive visual analytics features that give users a clearer view of their data and overall business performance, and for its added value when integrated with other products within the Adaptive Suite. For example, users can leverage the visual analytics features within Discovery, with the actuals in Adaptive Consolidation, to drive an overall more efficient budgeting, forecasting, and planning process. Check out a demo of Adaptive Discovery here, and vote now!

Winners will be announced at the American Business Association’s new product & tech awards banquet in San Francisco on Sept. 16:

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