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Adaptive Insider: Industry-Specific Financial Reporting Webinars This July!

Adaptive Planning Industry Vertical Webinars Corporate Performance Management (CPM)Adaptive helps businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to develop a more efficient financial planning, budgeting, analysis, and reporting process that ultimately leads to more informed business decisions. As part of this effort, we regularly host deep-dive webinars that address the unique financial needs of various industries, and explain how Adaptive can help alleviate these pain points.

This July we’re hosting four vertical webinars, each tailored to the needs of four separate industries: education, retail, non-profit, and finance. Each webinar will include:

Here are more details on this month’s vertical webinars.

Industry: Education

Date: July 18


  • Plan with different revenue sources – grants, endowment income, tuition, and fees.
  • Allocate personnel and other expenses across multiple dimensions.

Industry: Retail

Date: July 23


  • Build models that support detailed bottoms-up, tops-down, and new store ramp-up.
  • Easily consolidate individual stores, districts, regions, and total company levels.

Industry: Non-Profit

Date: July 24


  • Plan at funding levels, such as fund-raisers, donations, and endowments.
  • Perform detailed multi-dimensional analysis, such as by fund, activity, and programs.

Industry: Finance

Date: July 25


  • Plan across products, such as mortgages, credit cards, home equity, and direct deposit.
  • Create driver-based models using rates, balances, averages, yields, and margins.

Visit our events page to learn more about all of Adaptive’s upcoming webinars and events, from vertical-specific webinars, to upcoming keynote speakers, to local, in-person events near you.  

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