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Adaptive Insights + Workday: A Model of Modern Finance

wday_logo_partner_sol_certIt’s a big week for Adaptive Insights! This week we saw our customer count hit 2,800 (yes, a new total, which puts us at more than 3x the customers than all other cloud competitors combined) and officially gained Workday product certification, just in time for this week’s Workday Rising conference in Las Vegas. But both milestones are related. How?

Our customers—across the globe and spanning all industries—are increasingly driving the integration of operational and financial data in their organizations. This data is needed if they are to accurately plan, report, and budget. More importantly, it is a requirement of strategic finance teams today so that they can move from line item planning to data-driven modeling. According to the Q2 Adaptive Insights CFO Indicator report, seven in 10 CFOs agree that finance is positioned to help management make strategic, data-driven decisions. And, our 2,800 customers are leading the charge.

We share many of those customers with Workday, a leader in cloud-based financial and HR enterprise software. With more than 30 joint customers, such as Montclair University and AAA, our certification validates how important the integration of Adaptive Planning with Workday Financial Solution is for our mutual customers’ success.

IMC Financial Markets in the Netherlands has been using Adaptive Planning with Workday because one of their critical requirements is to deliver innovative forecasting while leveraging Workday as their system of financial record. Whether using Workday for their financial transactions or personnel, the integration of Adaptive Planning provides the lens to the future by leveraging the systems of record and other operational data like sales forecasting data from SFDC or production statistics. In the end, users get a complete view of their corporate performance. This is the new era of modern finance, led by deeper and more valuable insight.

We have seen a number of cloud ERP vendors announce plans to build a financial planning solution to address these critical customer requirements over the past year, but Adaptive Insights has a proven solution TODAY with years of development and customer successes behind it. We currently have more than 300 enterprise customers—more than any other cloud CPM company.

With links to more than 50 on-premises and cloud-based general ledger, ERP, CRM, and HR systems, from companies such as ADP, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage, and now Workday, Adaptive Insights is enabling our customers to access the data they need to deliver the insight their teams expect.

Visit us at our Workday Rising booth #541 and see why Workday believes the time is NOW for a planning solution like ours.

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