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Adaptive Planning Announces Partnership with Deltek at Deltek Insight Conference

We are pleased to exhibit at Deltek Insight as a new partner this year.  We have an existing base of architecture and engineering customers who are already benefiting from a modern, real-time financial management solution for end-to-end planning, execution, reporting and analysis.  Adaptive Planning’s on-demand solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and “what-if” analysis works seamlessly with Deltek Vision, a fully-integrated project-based ERP solution for architecture and engineering firms. Used together, the applications allow companies of all sizes to integrate actual and plan data, resulting in improved visibility into real-time performance metrics, more insightful variance reporting, more thorough what-if analysis, and more accurate forecasts. More importantly, actual and plan data can be consolidated and analyzed in numerous ways, at different levels within the organization, and across projects.

Two of our joint customers, HR Green and DRMP, participated in a joint panel at Deltek Insight and described how they are benefiting from importing actual financial data available in Deltek Vision with up-to-date budget and forecast data in Adaptive Planning, allowing them to improve all aspects of their financial management.

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