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Adaptive Roadshow 2015: Are You Ready to Transform Your Finance Function?

Transformation Of Lime Butterfly

When people see the word “transformation,” they often think of butterflies (seriously, search Google images for “transformation” and, boom, butterflies), or cars morphing into machine aliens poised to take over the human world (Transformers, of course), or maybe even that shy, awkward high schooler who rolls up to that 10-year reunion in their Ferrari as a successful adult. What people usually don’t think about is how the word “transformation” can be applied to their finance functions.

Finance professionals (and really all professionals at some point) often get stuck in the same patterns and a “this is the way it’s always been done” way of thinking. However, as finance leaders rise beyond the spreadsheets to become strategic business partners, stale practices and processes need a refresher. That’s why Adaptive Insights is traveling along the Road to Insights to bring finance transformation to YOU. Just consider us your finance makeover team!

Each year, the Adaptive Insights team embarks on an international tour to deliver modern technology best practices and industry expertise to finance professionals across the globe. This year, the Adaptive Roadshow is all about finance transformation—specifically, what finance teams can do to add maximum value throughout the organization and how individual financial leaders can transition into more strategic roles. Ultimately, both of these factors can help create a culture of data-driven decisions that guides your business to success!

This year’s Adaptive Roadshow, aptly titled the “Finance Transformation Tour,” will include 11 events across three countries. Kicking off Sept. 8 in Sydney and concluding with an Oct. 8 London-based finale, the tour also hits U.S. cities such as Dallas, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Each event will include discussions led by Adaptive product experts who will share advice to help you create a more efficient, accurate, and collaborative FP&A process to meet the needs of modern, fast-paced organizations. With sessions such as “Budget Bootcamp,” “Formula Fundamentals,” “Power Planning,” and “Strategic Finance,” attendees will walk away with an abundance of knowledge, as well as insightful product advice from Adaptive technology specialists. The Adaptive Roadshow provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest Adaptive Suite features and network with local industry peers to trade tips and tricks. Adaptive Insights CEO Tom Bogan and Founder and Chairman Rob Hull will also be joining the tour to share their experiences and perspectives on the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s finance teams.

We’re only two weeks away from our kickoff in Sydney, but there’s still plenty of time to book a free spot and attend any one of our Adaptive Roadshow events. See our full list of dates and locations below, and choose the city closest to you. Let Adaptive Insights help you transform from a finance professional into a true finance superstar!

Visit for full agendas, tour details, and more information. We can’t wait to see you there!

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