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Infographic: Pioneering the Path to Revolutionize Finance

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It’s been an exciting journey along the way to record growth, tremendous customer success, and the development of a cloud CPM & BI solution that fundamentally changes the way finance leaders fulfill their roles and influence their organizations.

We’ve embraced innovation and risk in overcoming challenges throughout Adaptive’s history, and very tangible results have followed. Those results include the industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings, and the growth of our international customer base to include more than 2,500 organizations in 85 countries worldwide.

With the recent appointment of Tom Bogan as our new CEO, we’ve taken the opportunity to capture the Adaptive Insights story to date. That includes many of our significant milestones over the years, and a look ahead to our next stage of industry leadership and success, both for Adaptive and for our worldwide customers.

Click here to view the full infographic.

–Rob Hull, Adaptive Insights Founder and Chairman

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