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Innovation + Customers = A Red Carpet Moment

CODIE award for innovation in finance

I had the opportunity to represent Adaptive Insights at the SIIA’s CODiE awards last week. The event was a reception at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. My colleagues, Mark Thompson, our chief founding engineer, and Sean Rollings, vice president, product marketing, and I attended the gala with a who’s who in the software industry.

We went in not sure what to expect, as none of us had personally attended this event before, even though Adaptive Insights had won the award three times before. I must say I was struck by the high caliber of companies that were finalists and winners across multiple disciplines—companies such as Gainsight, Red Hat, Quark, and Zuora. It was definitely an honor to be included as a finalist. And, as if that weren’t enough, Adaptive Insights won the CODiE award for Best Financial Management Solution.

This win is important to our team because it underscores our continued commitment to innovation. The CODiE awards have been recognizing excellence in software since 1986, an eternity in our space. What’s more, the CODiE judges are peers from one’s industry, a little like the Oscars, so the recognition is definitely a reflection of the product quality and value we deliver to our customers.

The three of us couldn’t have been more proud.

This award is not only a testament to the brilliance of our engineering and product development teams, it also underscores our continued commitment to innovation and relentless focus on leading the industry in corporate planning and analysis. We share this award with our customers, whose input drives our development.

True corporate performance management, one innovation at a time
And that development continues. Some of our recent innovations were just rolled out at Adaptive Live, our annual user conference.

One of the most exciting updates we announced during Live was the launch of our next generation of visual analytics. Building on our integrated planning and analytics, this new functionality puts the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts into users’ hands to monitor and drive business performance. Users now have the ability to visualize numbers and charts side by side, easily see variances in a waterfall chart, personalize dashboards with their own KPIs, perform period-over-period analysis, and more.

We also unveiled a powerful, highly-configurable time modeling feature. It allows you to plan with the fiscal calendar of your choice, whether that is a 4-4-5 or 13-period calendar, semesters, or trimesters. In addition, you also can define your own custom fiscal calendar based on the business need. Bottom line, our release empowers customers to create tailored calendars without workarounds or custom scripting.

Easy, powerful, fast
All of these new capabilities further support our Adaptive Suite attributes of easy, powerful, and fast. The Adaptive Suite makes it easy for different departments to contribute and collaborate efficiently with plans infused with data that lead you to true insights, all while being able to adapt to changing conditions, fast.

As I drove home from the event, I felt really good about Adaptive Insights winning the award and what that represented. The team works extremely hard to create the best possible tools and experience for our customers, and it is an honor to get recognized for it. And, even without paparazzi and an actual red carpet, this CODiE win was Oscar-worthy in my book.

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