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Even In Finance Software, The Customer is (Still) King

Adaptive Planning Customers Salesforce Carolee Gearhart Finance Software visual analytics cloud applicaitonsAdaptive recently received yet another shout out for providing an excellent customer experience – this time from Forrester. As you might imagine, I was super excited about this recognition.

As a relative newcomer to Adaptive Planning, I know from experience how difficult it can be to get this type of acknowledgement.  But here around the office, I have to say, this is old hat!

Forrester’s finding is just one more in a long list of results that prove Adaptive Planning’s customers say they love the product because it’s both simple to use and elegantly robust.

I know what these customers mean. I started using Adaptive this January.  From experience, I can tell you that learning to use different applications when starting at a new company is a real drag. I have to admit to a degree of doom and gloom as I contemplated my January start with all new business applications.

Instead, I found a refreshing change when I began using two new applications that I now use virtually every day – Adaptive Planning and Salesforce (and in case you didn’t know, there is a way to have the best of both worlds with AP appearing within SFDC).

On day 1 I was able to login without training, tool around, look at our overall business results, and easily understand the role that my new organization was playing in it.  As a result, I was about to build a presentation with full business analysis, future opportunities, and specific areas of focus, during my first week.

Adaptive Planning Customers Salesforce Carolee Gearhart Finance Software visual analytics cloud applications

Adaptive’s live customer support is one of the many reasons why we’re continuously rated #1 in customer support and overall customer experience.

And one more thing I love about Adaptive Planning – the commitment to the customer experience, satisfaction, and value.  I don’t want to date myself, but I do remember a time when “Customer Support” always meant calling someone on the phone.  Boy, have those days changed.  But not here at Adaptive Planning.

We still have a phone number for support, with real live people answering calls. I know. What an innovative concept, right? Live support teams make a real difference for customers.

Case and point: I recently received a great note from the CFO of one of our customers in thanks to our support team. She wanted to show some data from within the Adaptive Planning application during an upcoming board meeting. The board meeting happened to be scheduled during a short advance notice maintenance time frame.

This CFO reached out to the Adaptive Planning Support team, expressing concern that she may not have access to Adaptive Planning during her board meeting. Her concern is not an issue that support teams traditionally handle. But support is different with Adaptive.

Our support team solved the problem by moving her instance to a different server, on a slightly different schedule, that would not interfere with her board meeting. The meeting went off without a hitch. This is something that could not have been done without live support.

In fact, live support is not the only difference. When support answers your call, you can bank on them having real expertise in the software AND in the way companies can use it to drive value.  Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention?  It’s free. ‘Nuf said.

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Adaptive Planning Customers Salesforce Carolee Gearhart Finance Software visual analytics cloud applications

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