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‘Think Like A Freak’ with Stephen Dubner at Adaptive Live 2015

Microsoft Word - Document1Maintaining an eight-year residency on the New York Times bestseller list is, in and of itself, a remarkable accomplishment. Add to that writing what is hailed as “the most readable economics blog in the universe,” solving some of the world’s greatest mysteries, –  from spilling the secrets of a Japanese hot dog eating champ, to explaining why Nigerian email scammers make a point to say they’re from Nigeria – and successfully combining  two polar opposite words like “freak” and “economics” into a globally recognized term within a series of top-selling, pop-economics books, and you’re unquestionably approaching freakish, superhuman status.

All of the above make up a fraction of the accomplishments of Stephen J. Dubner – co-author of Freakonomics, podcast host, writer, speaker, journalist, and keynote speaker at Adaptive Live 2015, this April 20-23 in San Jose, CA.

Inspired by his latest book, Think Like a Freak, Dubner’s keynote address will focus on Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidation, financial planning, financial plansunconventional analysis tactics that finance leaders – and business leaders in general – can use to think more rationally, more creatively, and more productively, based on data-driven insights. Think Like a Freak outlines an entirely new approach to solving problems, both big and small. And in a conscious effort to retrain the reader’s brain, the book touches on a wide variety of topics and scenarios during which people can use analysis strategies to better solve problems.

As a preview of Dubner’s address, below are key strategies you can start using TODAY to gain a competitive advantage by thinking like a freak!

Practice these 3 words: “I don’t know.”

Until you can freely admit what you don’t know, it will be painfully difficult to learn what you need to do.

Put away your moral compass and put on your objectivity hat.

It’s tough to view a problem or situation clearly if you’ve already decided what to do about it.

Think like a kid.

What would your 7-year-old neighbor do? Thinking like a child helps one brainstorm better ideas and ask questions without fear.

Be OK with quitting; sometimes it’s just a necessity, not a sign of failure.

Accepting and abandoning today’s disappointment will put you in a better place to handle tomorrow’s challenges. 

Hear more on how to think like a freak to run a better business from Stephen J. Dubner this April 20 – 23 at Adaptive Live 2015! Also, check out the Freakonomics blog for further insights into “the hidden side of everything.”

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