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In Nashville, a focus on playing well together

People in Nashville know a thing or two about harmony—different parts working in unison to create something wonderful. Artists flock to this country music mecca in hopes of cutting the next hit. Every recording is the product of many individuals, each doing what he or she does best to create something bigger and better than one person could create alone.

In other words, they all have to play well together.

That idea will take center stage this week as users of Sage Intacct financial management software gather in Nashville for the Advantage 2018 conference. They’ll see how their success with Intacct software only grows when it plays well with other cloud-native solutions, including and especially the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud.

Here at Adaptive Insights, we know it’s common sense for us to ensure our solutions integrate with critical ERP systems like Intacct, and this conference is a living example of why it’s so important. Hundreds of Intacct customers integrate their system of record with planning and analytics from Adaptive Insights. In doing so, they make more strategic use of the transactional history that lives within Intacct. Our integrated solutions let them flow historical data into budgets, plans, forecasts, and reports. This means these forward-looking views of the business are based on actuals from the business, which allows finance and business leaders to make data-driven decisions.

New capabilities and fresh insights

The stories these customers tell reveal how unifying Intacct with our Business Planning Cloud results in new capabilities and fresh insights. In fact, that’s the thrust of an Advantage 2018 customer panel, where executives from Tandem HR and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau will share how combining Intacct with Adaptive Insights results in financial intelligence that drives business performance. (If you’re in Nashville this week, be sure to check out the panel at 3pm Thursday.)

Achieving that level of financial intelligence gives modern executives reason to envision a more strategic role for finance. “A traditional finance role means tracking budgets versus actuals and often doing it in Excel—that’s not the value I believe a finance department can bring,” says Frederick Kurniadi, finance director at Glint, a LinkedIn company that automates budgeting, forecasting, and reporting with an environment that integrates Sage Intacct with Salesforce and Adaptive Insights. Kurniadi says the integration has saved his team “countless hours”—time that’s now available for “showing our value through more strategic forecasting activities that support the company’s business objectives.”

Then there’s ServiceTitan, which integrated our Business Planning Cloud with Intacct and Salesforce. Before the integration, this leader in field service software had a hard time getting an accurate picture of the business because sales, financial, and operations data was stuck in disparate silos. Now ServiceTitan relies on the integrated environment to accurately forecast business performance, precisely determine customer acquisition costs, and determine how to most effectively bring on new staff to meet demand.

What happens when we all play well together

Advantage 2018 attendees will see these stories come to life again and again this week. As a Platinum Sponsor, Adaptive Insights will have a prominent presence, from the exhibit hall and conference sessions to customer and partner events.

The theme of Advantage 2018 is “Together We Rock.” It’s an idea that speaks to the great things that happen when everyone plays well together. In finance, it speaks to a seamless environment for gaining intelligence and insight from data in ways that equip finance to act strategically and businesses to operate with agility.

Visit us at Advantage 2018 and learn how Legendary Entertainment went from “the dark ages” of labor-intensive budgeting to a more active and collaborative role in finance.

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