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Large or small, we’ve got you covered

In the software world, experience teaches you a lot. And one thing we’ve learned, after working with more than 3,800 customers of all sizes and across all industries, is that with the right technology and design philosophy, it’s possible to serve a broad range of customers with the same platform. That is, so long as you focus on delivering what all those customers need.

No matter the size of the organization, we’ve found our customers have needs that are essentially universal. It doesn’t matter if they’re major universities or restaurant chains, mining operations or financial services firms, small museums or casinos. They all want to be able to plan continuously, collaboratively, and comprehensively. They want everyone in their business to plan using a self-service platform. They want a planning environment that’s scalable and elastic, and that works with their ERP and GL systems, from NetSuite to SAP and Oracle. They want to operate with agility.

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There’s strength in diversity

Serving a diverse population of customers has helped us make our Business Planning Cloud a transformative force in organizations that couldn’t be more different. By helping all of them, we’re better equipped to empower the next customer’s teams to better manage its business.

Take Guardian Life, where more than 14 functional and business groups across the enterprise analyze and model their own aspects of the business at the needed level of detail—and at their own cadences. Meanwhile, continuous planning and reporting processes help drive faster decision-making across the 9,000-member organization.

At Kreg Tool Company, a midsize, Iowa-based manufacturer of woodworking tools, people across the organization are now able to forecast and budget monthly financial revenues and expenses. And the FP&A team is closing monthly financials in less than two days, leaving them more time to deliver strategic monthly financial reports.

Then there’s the San Francisco Ballet. Spreadsheet-bound planning made it difficult for finance leaders to help stakeholders at this nonprofit draw insights from the numbers. But today, all that’s changed. The ballet’s FP&A staff crafts actionable data stories using revenue planning and forecasting analytics. Not only is the ballet able to tell the “stories behind the numbers,” but new efficiencies—such as reducing planning from a month to within a week—help administrators make the most of donor dollars.

We couldn’t serve all of these customers—enterprise-class insurers, midsize manufacturers, smaller non-profits—if we played favorites by focusing on one type of organization over another. That’s why we’ve designed the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud to accommodate organizations of all sizes.

In his excellent blog post last month, Kshitij “KD” Dayal, our vice president of engineering, described how the Adaptive Insights team has managed to design for all levels of customers. Scaling up, KD notes, requires designing for complexity, because enterprise-class organizations expect and demand granular customization and hands-on integration. Scaling down is another matter entirely. It requires that you design for simplicity by delivering a solution that’s quickly and easily configurable, that incorporates built-in best practices and capabilities, and that can be implemented and maintained by the business owner—without an assist from IT.

We started out by serving small and midsize businesses. We scaled as they scaled, and as larger organizations recognized the transformative value of modern business planning, we were able to serve their needs as well.

Like always, we’ve got you covered

The bottom line: Whether your business is large, small, or somewhere in the middle, we’ve got you covered. We will continue to design for your needs, to meet your challenges, and to grow and scale right alongside you. That won’t change now that we’re part of the Workday family.

As Workday co-founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri said recently, “We plan to keep the formula that has made Adaptive Insights the success it is today. That’s why we are committed to maintaining an open ecosystem that enables seamless integration to transactional systems of all kinds, regardless of vendor—for customers of all sizes, including small, midsize, and enterprise organizations.”

That’s always been our mission. And we have no intention of changing it.

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