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Learn the Secrets to Optimizing Planning at Adaptive Live

Adaptive Live 2017 is just around the corner. Finance pros from around the world are gathering in San Francisco next week to learn how they can implement an active planning environment in their organization, whether it’s a transaction-driven enterprise, a subscription-based business, or a nonprofit association. Why? Because no matter how your organization operates, it tends to operate a lot better when planning is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous.

This year at Adaptive Live, we’re offering the chance to explore more deeply your place on the journey to active planning. If you’re just starting out, be sure to read our previous blog where I spotlight some key offerings in our Modernize Planning conference track.

Many customers, however, are looking to improve and refine their existing Adaptive Suite implementations. If you find yourself nodding at this thought, then you’re a great fit for our Optimize Planning track, which features 13 sessions aimed at helping you streamline key FP&A processes and remove friction from budgeting and reporting. Here are a few highlights.

Tune in to better performance. Ready to get more from Adaptive Planning? Check out “Advanced Performance: Tuning Your Adaptive Planning Instance” (TT09) to determine which model- or sheet-building approaches best suit your particular goals. Our performance experts will be at your disposal to discuss how to better tune your model to increase speed and responsiveness. Learn how to track system usage, build reports faster, and more. Here’s your deep dive in Adaptive Planning—no wet suit required!

Faster closes with streamlined consolidation. It’s hard to find any finance person who doesn’t want to accelerate the monthly close process, which makes this a natural follow-up to completing an Adaptive Planning implementation. With this in mind, more customers are turning to Adaptive Consolidation. In “Consolidating With Adaptive Insights” (TT25), we’ll show you how to use this powerful platform to shorten and simplify your monthly close process with rule-based intercompany eliminations, simple journal entry management, and partial ownership consolidation. We’ll also demonstrate one-click viewing and reporting of consolidated budgets using the combination of Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation.

Planning for everyone. Ready to extend your Adaptive Insights implementation to include functional planning across the business? Then add session T015 (“Expand Planning Beyond Finance”) to your Adaptive Live schedule. You’ll learn key techniques for expanding functionality, driving adoption, and better managing your business as you expand the reach of your planning solution and become a business hero—not just a finance hero.

Go deep on reporting. Don’t let the deceptively simple report builders in Adaptive Planning fool you: While they make it easy for anyone to generate reports, there are enormously powerful capabilities lying just below that smooth, shiny surface, and they’re waiting for you to unleash them. Attend “Advanced Web Reporting: The Hidden Power” (TT10) to learn about the new custom display expression feature and new formatting modes, and to hear best practices for creating reports faster, adding selectable parameters, building in-report calculations, and using conditional formatting to build scorecard-like columns.

Seriously, ask us anything. If you’ve got questions that have been nagging you, then you should definitely enter the dojo. And by that we mean “The Planning Dojo: Adaptive Insights Experts Answer Your Questions” (RPO1). This interactive session features a panel of black-belt Adaptive Insights experts who will flex their brains as they answer your most vexing modeling and configuration questions. The dojo is always popular, so be ready for a memorable session!

Want to learn how a best-practice, active planning process can help you drive business success? An active planning process is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous—one that results in a better business plan. Better budgeting and forecasting. You’ll get greater visibility into business performance, build confidence in the numbers, make data-driven decisions, and increase buy-in and accountability throughout the organization. Learn more here.

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