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Listen to Howard Dresner, “Wisdom of Crowds,” On Cloud Business Intelligence

Howard Dresner Adaptive Planning Business Intelligence Thought Leadership WebinarSometimes the best way to learn what’s trending is to put your ear to the ground and listen to the “Wisdom of Crowds.”

There’s no better guide to marshal that collective wisdom than Howard Dresner. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Howard has 32 years of IT industry experience. He worked in the Business Intelligence market for 24 years. He spent 13 years at Gartner, where he was a Research Fellow and Lead Analyst for BI. He’s also come to be known as “The Father of BI.”

Howard regularly conducts a BI survey. This year, his “Wisdom of Crowds” survey garnered over 1,200 responses. He breaks it down – industries, functionality, early adopters, and much more.

Howard Dresner Adaptive Planning Business Intelligence Thought Leadership Webinar

Click the image to register for the “Wisdom of Crowds” BI webinar featuring Howard Dresner, on Aug. 22.

At Adaptive Planning, we’re particularly pleased to be engaging with Howard. And having spent 10 years in Business Intelligence myself, it’s an honor to have him share his insights, and the insights of the crowd on where Business Intelligence is going. That’s exactly we he will do during a webinar on Aug. 22.

Using his own experience, expertise, and research, Howard will answer some of the most pressing corporate BI questions that businesses currently face:

  • Which Business Intelligence capabilities are businesses deploying?

  • According to the “crowds,” what is the most valued benefit of Business Intelligence?

  • Where does Cloud Business Intelligence fit in the adoption cycle?

  • Who’s leading the adoption?

So whether you’re wondering about visual analytics, self-service, dashboards, or other Business Intelligence areas – or if you want to find out whether you’re ahead or behind the BI curve – take this great opportunity to hear from Howard. Join him, and Adaptive Planning, on Aug. 22. Register today.

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