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Measuring Company Success in Customer Value

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Revenue. Profit. Head count. Market share. There’s no shortage of metrics that speak to a company’s health and growth. And certainly the corporate landscape is flush with entrepreneurs doggedly pursuing the metric they feel matters most. But in the race to measure and maximize our internal KPIs, are we at risk of not paying enough attention to the most important metric of all: the value a company brings to its customers?

Chairman Rob Hull founded Adaptive Insights more than a decade ago, determined to build a solution that would allow CFOs to look at the inner workings and performance metrics across all business departments. He wanted to help companies grow their businesses by enabling their finance teams to better collaborate around business data. But when Rob approached venture capitalists with this novel idea, he heard a parade of “no”s. In fact, more than 70 VCs turned him down during an early round before he secured funding. Someone merely bit by the entrepreneurial bug—someone who wanted to grow a business, no matter the purpose—would have listened to those naysayers and pivoted. But as a CFO himself, Rob knew the value a cloud-based CPM (corporate performance management) planning tool could bring to finance leaders. So he held fast to his idea in order to secure the necessary funding.

Since then, customer value has been a divining rod for Adaptive Insights’ growth. Our client list has grown, crossing the 3,000 mark—in 85 countries, no less! But Rob has also ushered in a fivefold increase in the product portfolio, now a suite of applications built on a platform, responding to client pain points with new capabilities in financial consolidation, reporting, visual analytics and data integration. Adaptive Insights’ CPM software delivers incredibly intuitive planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards. Designed for finance and business users alike and accessible from anywhere, our CPM software helps visualize performance, plan effectively, and monitor results. Don’t take our word for it; hear what users have to say.

When Ernst & Young (EY) recently announced Rob as a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Award in the Northern California Region, cheers sounded across the Adaptive Insights community—from employees and investors to partners and customers alike. But we weren’t just cheering for our own chairman and the feather in his cap this award represents. We’re cheering for every one of our clients, because we know our success and their success are intertwined.

“Rob’s vision for a collaborative, cloud-based solution is being realized by,” said Chuck Kurth, “The productivity and quality control we have gained, combined with our ability to speed decision-making and gain insights into the data, has allowed us to guide business decisions that drive performance. Adaptive Insights’ software has definitely streamlined and strengthened our financial planning process.”

And customers have walked hand in hand with our company down that path, because they know we measure our success on the value we can deliver. Rare is the business that retains its earliest customers for more than 10 years, even as the scope and breadth of its services evolves. But Adaptive Insights is proud to call NASCO, an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, both its earliest and current customer. Since being an early adopter, “NASCO has grown significantly,” says CFO Chris Hauser. “And we still rely on Adaptive Insights’ tools to support our financial focus and the ever-increasing need to make sound business decisions.”

And securing its spot in January as Adaptive Insights’ 3,000th customer, SiriusDecisions, a leading global business-to-business research and advisory firm, is deploying the Adaptive Suite to streamline its budgeting process and improve its FP&A capability. “With Adaptive Insights’ platform, we have faster and much greater visibility into the impact of our financial decisions,” said Martijn Tel, CFO for SiriusDecisions. “In today’s competitive and volatile markets, agile companies need to be able to respond fast to the many opportunities that present themselves and make calls as to what to pursue or pass on in real time.”

Customers who rely on us? That’s something to celebrate.

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