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A New Outpost on the Innovation Frontier

San Francisco may be the financial hub of the West, but when it comes to meteoric growth, the real disruption is in the technology sector—the software and services that are changing the established ways we do practically everything.

In fact, there’s an intensifying concentration of tech companies in the City by the Bay, characterized by exceptionally talented, creative workforces. As a result, San Francisco is quickly becoming one of the world’s foremost centers of innovation. In a CityLab article, Richard Florida, Global Research Professor at New York University, has found that high technology is “shifting its geographic locus of innovation from the suburbs of Silicon Valley…to the urban districts of San Francisco.” And if you want to engage with innovators, you have to meet them where they live.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening of our newest Adaptive Insights office in San Francisco. Located in the city’s high energy Embarcadero Center, our new satellite location places many of our Bay Area-based employees in this recognized center of new ideas and market-making businesses. (Manta’s database lists more than 3,600 software companies in San Francisco.)

This expansion dovetails with the recent introduction of our Software Planning & Analytics Solution, which enables fast growing, constantly changing software companies to quickly and easily adopt an active planning process, both speeding their implementation time and ability to manage business-critical metrics that drive their success. This our first vertical solution, built from lessons and expertise gained by working with more than 400 software customers, and it’s a milestone in our efforts to give technology innovators exactly what they need to succeed.

Our San Francisco office is another important outpost on the innovation frontier.  The new location will make it more convenient for Adaptive Insights employees to meet with local software companies and other customers, prospects, and partners, and become a more integral part of the thriving technology market in San Francisco.

It will also serve as a primary or alternative workspace for many current employees who live in the city or in the North Bay, and provide an opportunity to further expand our talent base. It also offers our local team a shorter commute to the office and helps us shrink our collective carbon footprint by reducing or eliminating the longer commute to our world headquarters in Palo Alto. On that front, everybody wins.

Our mission is to help teams better manage their business. And now, we will continue to expand our own team and support our customers in their quest to drive better business performance from one of the most dynamic, innovative cities in the world.  That’s why Adaptive Insights now has a new office in the City by the Bay.

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