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Rob Hull Featured in Leading UK Publication, businesscloud9

Rob Hull laid out his inspiration and future vision for Adaptive Planning in a recent interview with businesscloud9.  Here are a few excerpts from this article.

“My background is as a CFO frustrated at the lack  of good tools to solve business analytics and management problems,” he says. “I was frustrated by Excel as the affordable accessible tool. While I liked its flexibility and its familiarity I  wanted it to have the power of a Hyperion. As a CFO I saw a lot of frustration with Exel and envy from wanting Hyperion but not wanting to pay.

 “At the same time it was interesting to see the success of CRM had failed and hadn’t had the uptake because it was too IT dependent. It lost focus and momentum and never went anywhere.  Then came along and it was the sales organisation itself that was pulling that into companies.  That was a real lightbulb moment for me.  I had been with a small company that was a SaaS-based chemical inventory management and hazardous materials tracker and had seen the SaaS model at work there. “
“We would empower finance to empower the rest of the organisation and to help drive the company to where it was going, not just financially but operationally as well. It’s about taking the role of finance from being tactical data managers to becoming transitional business leaders.”
“We were founded first in the mid market and we’ve pulled up into the enterprise over time. As we’ve extended out our products, the value proposition has become apparent to the larger enterprises.  We tend to get into an organisation through the office of the CFO, but this is a planning application so we do get visibility across the whole organisation.”
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