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Adaptive Live: San Francisco by the Numbers

Anyone who has been to San Francisco will be familiar with its charms. One of a kind, The City leaves an indelible mark on your memory.

This is why we chose it as the venue for Adaptive Live 2017, the premier FP&A event of the year. San Francisco delivers experiences no other city in the world can offer.

So to make your stay even more enjoyable, allow us to suggest a few things to do in your free time. And since Adaptive Live is an FP&A event, we thought it only fitting to present our list of San Francisco sights in the universal language of finance.

So here, then, is San Francisco by the numbers:

51. Average low temperature (in Fahrenheit) in June. So definitely pack that sweater when you take in the sights.

$3,818. Average monthly rent in Haight-Ashbury, a once working-class neighborhood that was made famous in 1967 when thousands of young people migrated there because—if you can believe it—they could live for next to nothing. If you’re hankering for a ’60s flashback of your own, the Summer of Love vibe lives on. Check out this iconic neighborhood and snap a selfie in front of the famous intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets. While you’re there, drop in (and drop out) at the Grateful Dead House at 710 Ashbury St., browse the storied aisles of The Booksmith at 1644 Haight St., and caffeinate at the hippie-friendly Coffee to the People, located at 1206 Masonic Ave. And if you really want a ’60s rewind, check out the latest iteration of the Grateful Dead, called Dead & Co., playing June 3-4 nearby (sort of) in Mountain View.

1.7. Length, in miles, of the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeing it up close is exciting, but you might be wondering how you can work a bridge visit into your schedule. Well, here’s a way to not only fit it into your busy day, but to also come away with a moment that will stay with you forever: Walk across it at dawn! No, really, we’re serious. It’s an easy and free 3-mile round trip from the Toll Plaza on the San Francisco end to the Marin observation point and back. A pedestrian sidewalk makes it perfectly safe, and you’ll be sure to see a few runners and cyclists with the same idea. And if you arrive at sunrise (just shy of 6 a.m.), you will be treated to gorgeous sights very few tourists—or even locals—get to see. Just rise early, grab a cab or Uber to the Golden Gate Toll Plaza, and you’re in business. (Be sure to wear a couple of extra layers, though. It’s windy up there!)

$189.96 million. Salary allocation for the 2017 San Francisco Giants. (Nearly a quarter of that total goes to just three players.) If you’re in town prior to Adaptive Live, you can catch them at AT&T Park playing the Braves through May 28 and the Nationals on May 29.

210. Height, in feet, of Coit Tower. Hike or drive up gorgeous Telegraph Hill and take the elevator to the observation deck to get a spectacular 360-degree view of San Francisco’s seven hills. (Well, six hills, because you’re standing on one of them.) Don’t miss the epic Depression-era murals in the lobby.

1.4 million. Annual visitors to Alcatraz Island, the infamous prison that sits in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. If you go, you’ll see why so many folks want to get in while for decades so many others concentrated on getting out. The audio tour is fascinating and often moving. Plus, you’ll get a ferry ride out of it, along with a stunning view of San Francisco that you can only see from the water.

12. Minutes to walk from the Hilton Union Square to the Dragon’s Gate, the official entry point to Chinatown. Just eight blocks from your hotel, Chinatown is a world away. It’s exciting in daytime, especially on Saturdays, with its open air markets and bustling crowds. But nothing beats Chinatown at night, when it glows like a jewel box of lanterns and neon signs.

1908. Year when John’s Grill opened at 63 Ellis St., where it still operates today. Fans of noir detective fiction may want to grab a bite at this beloved time machine of a steakhouse, a favorite haunt of author Dashiell Hammett, who even used it as a setting in The Maltese Falcon. Walk inside and you’ll think he never left.

44. Number of cable cars still operating in San Francisco. Yup, we’re going there. If you’ve never been on a cable car, you should give it a go. A few San Franciscans still get around town this way. Ask the gripman how he got his name and you’ll find out why these things exist in the first place.

2. Wax museums at Fisherman’s Wharf. Sure it’s touristy, and yes, everyone does it. But wax museums and T-shirt shops aside, it’s still the place where working fisherman sell their catch, which explains the presence of those adorable seals. Time is precious in this city by the bay, but this spot is worth a few of those minutes. And if you arrive toward sunset, you can linger over a drink at Scoma’s and watch the fog roll over the water as you listen to Tony Bennett pine to be exactly where you are. And that, friend, is San Francisco.

We look forward to seeing you at Adaptive Live 2017 and learning about the adventures you’re planning during your visit to this most remarkable of cities.

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