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Adaptive Insider: Staying Ahead Of The Affordable Care Act

Adaptive Planning Webinar Obamacare Armanino

Click on the Banner to register for Adaptive Planning’s “Affordable Care Act” webinar on Sept. 24.

Ever since Healthcare Reform revealed itself as the top concern for CFOs in our latest volatility poll in early June, Adaptive Planning has had a finger on the pulse of Obamacare. We’ve discussed everything from how the changes in healthcare laws could impact your business, to how you can make best use of the year-long extension.

Now, Adaptive Planning is holding a complimentary webinar on Sept. 24, at 10 a.m. PST, 1 p.m. EST, dedicated exclusively to helping you best prepare your business for the impending 2014 changes.

Adaptive Planning Heffernan Insurance Brokers Webinar Obamacare Andrea Alarcon

Andrea Alarcon will join representatives from Adaptive Planning and Armanino in helping businesses prepare for healthcare reform.

Andrea Alarcon, Benefits Compliance and Legislative Counsel at Heffernan Insurance Brokers, will join Adaptive Planning to lead the webinar, which will focus on three main healthcare reform topics.

  • Latest information on compliance deadlines and regulatory changes
  • The implications of the “pay or play” decision for your employees, and for your bottom line
  • How technology can help you to comply with new healthcare regulations

Representatives from Adaptive Planning Certified Partner Armanino will also join the discussion and offer best practices for preparation.

During this time of uncertainty for many businesses and employees, Adaptive Planning is committed to putting you on the right course to compliance while minimizing the impact on your everyday business. So click on the webinar banner above  and join us in properly preparing for the changes ahead.

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