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Sweep Satisfaction! Across the Board, BPM Partners Ranks Adaptive CPM Software Over IBM, Oracle, SAP #1

Adaptive Planning, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting softwareAdaptive Planning has received the top rating in 11 out of 12 total categories in BPM Partners’ 2013 Pulse of Performance Management Survey against extended and established Enterprise Performance Management & Business Intelligence solutions, including Oracle Hyperion, IBM Cognos, and SAP BPC.

Below are a list of the 11 categories that Adaptive Planning ranks higher in than the IBM, SAP, and Hyperion solutions mentioned above. And as you can see, the list includes a wide range of solution and personal support performance indicators, from quality and functionality, to customer communication from sales process to implementation, to overall customer satisfaction with their Adaptive Planning instance.

  • #1 in Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • #1 in Price & Value
  • #1 in Functionality
  • #1 in Ease-of-Use
  • #1 in Ease –of-Implementation
  • #1 in Quality of Product and Service
  • #1 in Support Documentation
  • #1 in Training
  • #1 in Consulting
  • #1 in Customer Communication
  • #1 in Sales Process

While a top industry report ranking is not new for Adaptive, BPM’s latest findings are particularly interesting and relevant. Here’s why.

BPM’s new results refute a lingering myth that has kept the steady march to cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM)and BI from becoming a full-on sprint: Enterprise-level CPM, EPM, and BI solutions are too costly for any business outside of international enterprises because of the required and significant investment in hardware and in IT support hours.

Adaptive Planning Customer Experience Forrester Research Forrester Wave Nucleus Research BPM Partners

Click on the graphic above to download the BPM Partners Survey results!

While cloud solutions have long been known to provide a more cost-efficient alternative to on-premise legacy solutions, the misconception that has been perpetuated by legacy software providers has been that cloud-based software just doesn’t match-up in quality and functionality. The belief is simply not true.

BPM’s 2013 survey is the first major independent report to debunk the above cloud software myth. The results reveal that a cloud-based alternative like Adaptive Planning not only costs a fraction of what solutions from IBM, Oracle, and SAP cost, but it flat-out works better too.

What’s more, BPM Partners’ independent, annual Pulse of Performance Management Survey is led by Craig Schiff, one of the most trusted sources when it comes to evaluating EPM software providers and solutions.

Schiff is the owner of BPM Partners; the leading independent authority on business performance management and business intelligence solutions. BPM also gave Adaptive Planning the #1 overall customer satisfaction rating in the firm’s 2012 industry report.

“Adaptive Planning has consistently scored at or near the top of our annual vendor customer satisfaction ratings. This is particularly impressive considering their rapid growth and pace of product development.” – 2013 BPM Partners Pulse of Performance Management Survey

This latest report adds to the long list of independent analyst reports that have given Adaptive Planning the top score in overall customer satisfaction, including Nucleus Research in June, 2013.

BPM’s 2013 survey took into account a variety of factors, including customer satisfaction ratings collected from over 225 current Adaptive Planning customers.

So thank you to all of our customers who continue to use the Adaptive Planning cloud-based CPM software suite to gain new, accurate insight into key business drivers in order to make more efficient and informed business decisions!

Click here to download an extensive version of BPM Partners’ 2013 Pulse of Performance Management Survey results.

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