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There’s feedback, and then there’s feedback.

When your entire job is focused on ensuring the success of customers, there’s no better feedback than the kind that comes directly from the people who use your platform.

Don’t get me wrong: We’re thrilled when we earn recognition from respected analysts. But customer kudos—those are especially sweet. Positive feedback from customers helps confirm you’re on the right track and motivates you to keep innovating. In our case, it’s a testament to how we’ve delivered on the core beliefs that have shaped the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud: that everybody plans, that planning should be easy, and that your planning platform should be fast, flexible, and powerful enough to do everything you need it to, whether you’re a small nonprofit or a large, multinational enterprise.

If you take a close look at some recent industry accolades that are based on customer feedback, you’ll see how those beliefs have translated into success for more than 4,000 customers who rely on Adaptive Insights to help them transform the way they plan, budget, and forecast across their organizations.

2018 Vendor Landscape Matrix by BPM Partners

Adaptive Insights’ growing customer base places it in the “Dominant” category for BPM Partners’ new 2018 Vendor Landscape Matrix report. Based on the responses of more than 330 companies for the BPM Partners 2018 Pulse Survey, Adaptive Insights earned an overall customer satisfaction score of 4.51 out of 5.

Watch our webcast Customer Spotlight: Models & Dashboards Built for Growth with Domo, Inc.

BPM Partners says our Business Planning Cloud excels in product quality and ease of use, and specifically called out the introduction of our Adaptive Insights for Sales solution and our breakthrough Elastic Hypercube Technology to address the modeling, calculation, analytics, reporting, and scalability needs of organizations of any size.

Craig Schiff, president and CEO, BPM Partners, cites the industry-leading rankings that Adaptive Insights customers give our platform. “It’s impressive to see Adaptive Insights continuously maintain high ratings regarding the quality and ease of use of its Business Planning Cloud,” says Schiff, who spotlighted our software-as-a-service platform’s “ability to scale and support companies of all sizes”—something that’s certainly necessary for helping more organizations build better plans and make smarter decisions faster.

Constellation ShortList

Constellation Research combined real-world customer evaluations with independent analysis to once again award Adaptive Insights a spot on its Q3 2018 Constellation ShortList for cloud-based performance management solution vendors. Constellation winnowed its original list of more than a dozen down to four. Though we’ve appeared on Constellation’s ShortList every time since the research firm began publishing it, we can’t help but view this as validation that our Business Planning Cloud is delivering the value, ease of use, and scalability customers want and need.

To come up with the list, Constellation Research weighs client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, and other factors, and evaluates ShortList candidates based on a range of criteria, from rapid deployment and configuration of multi-tenant services to flexible modeling capabilities to modern, intuitive user interfaces.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Financial Performance and Analytics Systems

Gartner recently named us a Leader in its 2018 report—the third year in a row that we’ve been named a Leader. Gartner specifically called out the completeness of our vision and our ability to execute. These are two aspects that speak directly to aligning what we offer with what customers find they need today and what they anticipate they’ll need tomorrow.

Elastic Hypercube Technology is a great example. This in-memory engine shatters limitations that have long plagued all cloud planning providers. When we announced our Elastic Hypercube Technology, Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, weighed in, noting that with the accelerating pace of change in business, planning requirements are growing increasingly sophisticated. “Organizations want to do what-if analysis across multiple business scenarios and get in-depth insight into outcomes and dependencies across business functions,” Henschen observed. “There’s a clear need for a platform that can support rapid planning even as model complexity mounts and the numbers of dimensions, versions, and users multiply.”

Companies of all sizes deserve a cloud-based planning platform that meets their needs today and that keeps an eye on where their needs are headed in the future. We’re gratified by the customer input that has resulted in this recent validation, and we’re working hard to continue to earn that kind of feedback with new capabilities and an obsession with delivering exactly what customers want.

My job is to make sure we continue to innovate around customer needs, so they’ll continue to be successful as they grow and as they face new challenges in a business environment that’s always changing.

Accolades from analysts are great, but what makes them meaningful to me personally is that they stem from real feedback delivered by real customers. To me, it’s customer feedback—either directly or through industry analysts—that always matters most.

We want to continue to improve our customer experience. Keep giving us feedback in all channels available to you.

Watch our webcast Customer Spotlight: Models & Dashboards Built for Growth with Domo, Inc.

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