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When You Create a Winning Culture, Everybody Wins

It’s intern season. Managers throughout Silicon Valley are busy finalizing their decisions about which college students will be the best fit for their summer internship positions. The same is true for us at Adaptive Insights. And we’re especially excited with this year's incoming interns.

It’s intern season. Managers throughout Silicon Valley (and well beyond, of course) are busy finalizing their decisions about which college students will be the best fit for their summer internship positions.

The same is true for us at Adaptive Insights. And we’re especially excited to share with our incoming interns that they’ll be spending the summer at one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area.

We don’t share this honor alone. Throughout the Bay Area, companies are distinguishing themselves by cultivating work environments that make people want to do their best possible work every day. The latest list of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work is out, and it spotlights an impressive roster. I look at it as an X-ray of workplaces, revealing in many ways how they became successful through a focus on culture and signaling how they are working to stay that way.

So what do the best workplaces have in common? They create a winning culture. Here’s how:

  • They’re collaborative, recognizing that high-performing teams are key to transformational business success
  • They recognize the value of their employees by offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, and give their employees a voice in what is important to them
  • They cultivate leaders who empower, encourage, and inspire people to perform at their best
  • They find a way to have fun along the way

It’s harder than it looks

In my experience, creating a great company culture is harder than it looks. Any company can say they focus on culture, or talk about their values, but many organizations haven’t operationalized their culture in actions that bring it to life.

It takes hard work living up to those ideals and delivering on them every day. The key is to ensure culture is consistently reinforced in communications and programs, and not just through words but through actions. The best reason for creating a winning culture is to cultivate a work environment that is equally beneficial for your company and for your employees. In a true winning culture, everybody wins.

At Adaptive Insights, we make a special effort to value talent at every level. Take our interns, for example. We give them meaningful work and meaningful challenges. They work alongside full-time employees who are encouraged to think creatively and independently, and to cultivate teams that multiply their own impact. Our interns come to feel just as integral to Adaptive Insights’ success as any permanent employee.

“People I know who interned at other companies mostly were stuck with administrative work. So my time at Adaptive Insights really stood out,” recalled Inbar Gam, who interned with us last summer. “I was doing meaningful work and interacting with executives every day. I could see I was making a real contribution to the company.”

This is critical for every single team member: Feeling like you have a stake in the success of the business—and feeling that your company recognizes your contribution and your value—only encourages employees to become more engaged.

Whether a new arrival is only here for the summer or plans to help us thrive long term, we invest the same care and commitment to ensuring they’re successful. That’s how you build a winning culture—and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to win?

If you’re amazing, we’re hiring

We’ve worked hard to create an environment that’s just as exceptional as the people who build it. We’re thrilled to join so many great employers on the latest Bay Area Best Places to Work list. And we’re even more gratified that our appearance on it resulted from independent surveys of employees themselves.

Just ask Inbar, last summer’s intern, who joined us in February as a full-time recruiting coordinator. “I tell everyone I know that I work at the greatest place in the world,” she said. “And with this new list, it’s nice to know it’s official.”

As one of the fastest-growing technology companies, we’re always looking for talented people to shine in an array of roles and in locations around the world. I encourage you to check out our Careers page to explore how you might be a part of it.

As a company grows quickly, it’s a challenge to scale the winning culture you cherish. But our goal this year, as we continue to grow, isn’t just to retain our winning culture. It’s to make it even better.

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