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When You Lead with Innovation, Magic Happens

In sports, they call it a “three-peat.” It means earning a coveted title three times in a row.

The phrase is getting plenty of airtime here at Adaptive Insights. Because for the third year in a row, Gartner has named us a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Corporate Financial Performance and Analytics Systems. The 2018 report shows us with a strong position in the Leader quadrant based on the completeness of our vision and our ability to execute.

While a three-peat certainly feels magical, it doesn’t happen by magic. Achieving a three-peat is the result of a lot of hard work. And this latest report shows that the investments we’ve made in innovating our Business Planning Cloud are delivering returns for our customers.

This didn’t happen overnight. Three years ago, we were the first planning cloud provider to ever be named by Gartner as a Leader. That appearance foretold the future for the whole industry: The next year, Gartner made the decision to only rank vendors who offered a cloud planning solution. And here we are this year, proud to be strongly positioned as a leader yet again.

Relentless innovation

We believe our position in the Magic Quadrant remains so prominent because we have been relentless in our efforts to deliver an in-memory business planning platform that helps everybody in the organization plan. This is the result of ingenious engineering and constant collaboration with our customers. It comes from learning what they want to do more efficiently or flexibly, and designing to those needs. It also stems from understanding where they want to push planning forward in their organizations and their industries. (Our customers, it turns out, are just as innovative as we are.)

The latest of these innovations is Elastic Hypercube Technology, our next-generation planning, reporting, and analytics engine that automatically scales with the demands of a modern business. It’s the industry’s first technology to successfully tear down the limitations that have plagued all planning systems for years—limitations on large and complex models that providers have long sought to solve.

Ready to model virtually anything? Learn more about Elastic Hypercube Technology.

As the modeling and calculation engine that drives our Business Planning Cloud, Elastic Hypercube Technology powers planning without traditional limits. It introduces and refines state-of-the-art advances like dynamic caching and parallel computation so organizations can model virtually anything without concerns over the number of dimensions involved or the scenarios they want to explore. The engine elastically adds compute power and memory whenever it’s needed.

And best of all, our remarkable R&D team managed to achieve this level-set advance in a way that is completely invisible to users. As our vice president of engineering, Kshitij Dayal, and chief product officer, Bhaskar Himatsingka, noted the other day, our team managed to pull off this feat without compromising the ease of use Adaptive Insights is known for. In fact, the only difference customers see is greater scalability, flexibility, and speed.

That’s what I call leading with innovation, though the innovating doesn’t stop with our platform.

Identify what customers need, then deliver it

We’ve also applied that same straightforward ethos—identifying what customers need, then delivering it—to how we work with customers. An excellent example of this is the unique framework we’ve developed to help companies map their own company-wide business planning journeys.

We created the Adaptive Insights Journey program because we found that as organizations work to modernize their planning, they often get sidetracked after satisfying their immediate need. The Adaptive Insights Journey is designed to help them understand how much more they can do with our platform and how they can take advantage of its depth and breadth to achieve a true active planning environment. So the program includes a website designed to help each customer navigate their journey by guiding them to consider the key elements that define a successful transformation—elements like process, people, data, modeling, and time frame. With this framework, they can create a custom Adaptive Insights Journey Plan that helps teams in finance and beyond plan and implement their digital transformations.

Innovations like the Elastic Hypercube and Journey Plan come from close collaboration with our more than 3,800 customers of all sizes—finding out what they need to make the right decisions for their business, not just today but well into the future. Though numerous factors play into Gartner’s decision to place a company in its Leader quadrant, we’re convinced that it’s our intense focus on innovating around customer needs that has put us there and kept us there.

Hand in hand with our customers, we’re leading with innovation. And when you do that, magic happens (and so do three-peats).

Ready to model virtually anything? Learn more about Elastic Hypercube Technology.

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