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Adaptive Addicts: Alliance Achieves Productivity Through Visibility

Adaptive Planning Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence Alliance Health Networks Customer success StoryAs the largest social networking platform for the healthcare industry, Alliance Health Networks is working toward improving overall health outcomes, lowering costs, and fostering a more consumer-centric healthcare industry overall. And in order to continually expand its 1.5 million user base, the company has implemented the Adaptive Planning CPM & BI Suite in place of its traditional, on-premise financial planning and reporting solution.

“For me, budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow are mission critical, no matter the business,” said Randi Letendre, Alliance Health Networks VP of Finance. “Adaptive enables us to make updates and generate new plans that cascade throughout our financial model with the press of button.”

In addition to financial planning improvements, Alliance has realized many of the same benefits as so many of the fastest-growing, most innovative companies that are also running Adaptive, such as:

  • A rolling forecast through the end of the year

  • Detailed reporting on revenue by line of business and revenue type

  • Financial highlights for the month

“We have much clearer visibility into the sales pipeline and better insight into payroll and margins by line of business,” Letendre explained. “With the

Adaptive Planning Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence Alliance Health Networks Customer success story

“Diabetic Connect” and “Sleep Connect” are two of the many online communities within the Alliance Network.

success we have had on the financial planning side, we are eager to see how Adaptive Planning can help us

in other areas of our business.”

The wheels for such a move were put in motion back in May, 2013 when Data Analytics Expert Deep Dhillon joined Alliance as the company’s Chief Data Scientist. At the time, Alliance SVP of Technology Jay Bartot said the company planned to build, “the most powerful and searchable online health platform.”

To build such a platform Alliance will use Adaptive to efficiently report and analyze its financial state, and make the smartest business decisions for the future.

Learn more details about Alliance’s implementation of Adaptive, and about all of the other successful companies, from SMBs to enterprise, currently growing their businesses on Adaptive.

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