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Thiess Mining Leverages Adaptive’s Data Visualization and Analytics to Achieve ROI in the First Week of Deployment

Jeff Epstein Adaptive Planning Bessemer Venture Partners CFO Corporate Performance Management Sofware CPM Software Business Intelligence Davey Pefley DocuSign CFO Mike Dinsdale Netflix CFO Barry mcCarthy Adaptive Planning CFO Dave PefleyJust over a year after its release, Adaptive Discovery, our cloud-based visual analytics solution, is already making a tangible difference for international enterprises.

Case in point: Thiess – Australia’s leading construction and mining services contractor and one of the largest open-cut contract miners in the world.

Thiess runs a 24/7 operation in order to steadily produce over 100 million tons of coal, copper, gold, and iron ore each year.

With incredible production and growth comes an incredible amount of accumulated data. And Thiess has experienced a tremendous amount of accelerated production while growing into a massive enterprise:

  • Over 3,000 employees

  • Over 25 mining locations throughout Australia

  • An operating plant and fleet of equipment worth over $2 billion

Meanwhile, the company’s legacy CPM tools forced management to mine through more than eight million records in search of KPIs and other metrics that are core to Thiess’ overall corporate efficiency.

That all changed when Thiess adopted Adaptive.Adaptive Planning Adaptive Discovery CPM Software Visual Analytics

According to Thiess manager of Mining and Technology Innovation Ben Willey, the company needed a visual analytics software solution that could both automatically mine through millions of records, and deliver visually-intuitive information across 40 different metrics to Thiess’ remote workers.

Was Adaptive the right choice? Thiess didn’t have to wait long for answer.

Within a week of implementation Adaptive Discovery had gathered data from the entire fleet of Thiess mining trucks and identified a mechanical problem that could have significantly slowed Thiess’ production.

“The Adaptive Discovery implementation essentially paid for itself within a week by immediately notifying us of a problem where in the past the root cause analysis would have taken more time to identify,” Willey said. “You know you have a winning solution when it earns its stripes the day you switch it on.”

Adaptive Planning Adaptive Discovery CPM Software Visual Analytics

Click on the image to download the full Thiess success story.

Adaptive Discovery has also enhanced Thiess’ day-to-day production, as all personnel now have remote access to over 40 key metrics via the Adaptive Discovery native iPhone application. The remote analytics access has exponentially reduced the need for Thiess’ IT team to manage and feed analytics to workers in the field. It’s the kind of deep insight and easy access that is essential to any high-growth company.

“Our industry is constantly changing,” Willey explained. “Adaptive Discovery allows us to have a real-time view of exactly what is happening across all our mine sites, regardless of their location. That’s critical to our business.”

Check out the entire success story for more details on Thiess’ use of Adaptive Discovery. And find more success stories from Adaptive customers in your industry within the Customers section of the Adaptive Planning website.

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