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Berkshire Hathaway Company, CORT Business Services Selects Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning announced  today that CORT Business Services, the world’s largest provider of rental furniture , has adopted the Adaptive Planning solution to power its budgeting and forecasting processes.  By replacing a complex set of separately maintained spreadsheets with Adaptive Planning’s collaborative, easy-to-use, and rapidly-deployable solution, CORT has been able to cut its budget process in half and reduce forecasting time by up to 80 percent.

Our client states “We wanted to make a change, but did not want something difficult to learn.  Everything else was too big, too time consuming, too expensive, and ‘too much’ for a company of our size,” said Deborah Lansford, CFO at CORT.  “Adaptive Planning was the only solution that made sense — it offers a huge leap forward in terms of functionality, without turning everyone’s world upside down.  Now we can start the budgeting process later in the year and still be confident in finishing on time, which allows us to use more up-to-date assumptions and deliver a more accurate budget.”

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