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Drobo Implements Adaptive Planning to Improve Variance Analysis and Forecasting Processes


Adaptive Planning, the worldwide leader in cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solutions for companies and nonprofits of all sizes, today announced that Drobo, a leader in data storage for hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses and individual professionals worldwide, has successfully automated their budgeting and forecasting processes using Adaptive Planning.

As Drobo grew, Excel spreadsheets no longer met the needs of the finance team. The company wanted a more systemized process and brought in a consulting firm, CFO Tools, to evaluate their business and recommend a solution. CFO Tools recommended Adaptive Planning for its ease of use, affordability, and fast deployment.  Now, after rolling out Adaptive Planning to the broader operation, the finance team has introduced quarterly forecasts and delivered improved analysis to the management team.

“By giving users access to the application, we are empowering them to see how their business unit, department or the overall company is performing.  Unlike our previous spreadsheet-based process, we no longer have to worry about the risk of broken formulas or inaccurate data,” said Danielle Murcray, CFO at Drobo.

“We now produce a better budget with Adaptive Planning,” says Murcray. “In addition, we utilize the Great Plains connector for Adaptive Planning, which has significantly streamlined and simplified our variance analysis. With the connector, it takes less than five minutes to bring ERP data into Adaptive Planning—it’s pretty incredible.”

“We are pleased that we have been able to help Drobo move beyond Excel and improve variance analysis and forecasting,” said Greg Schneider, VP of Marketing at Adaptive Planning.  “They provide an excellent example of how Adaptive Planning can help fast growing companies of all sizes create tremendous value through automated corporate performance management.”

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