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Financial Pulse: Adaptive Aligns With “New Breed” Of CFOs

Adaptive Planning Financial Pulse new Breed CFO Cloud Finance Technology CPI BIIn late July,’s David McCann detailed the characteristics of today’s “new breed” of CFOs. And not surprisingly, Cloud finance software is playing a vital role.

“These folks tend to spend less than half of their time on traditional finance functions like reporting, treasury, tax and investor relations,” McCann wrote.

It’s no coincidence that his analysis of modern-day CFOs falls directly in line with many of the benefits Adaptive customers continue to realize every day via Cloud technology.

Take ACCESS Community Health Network for example – Chicago’s largest private healthcare provider for the underserved, and the nation’s largest community health center organization. According to Manager of Analysis Karen Wesley, ACCESS was able to reduce its budget process timeline by exactly 50% with Adaptive Planning.

In his piece, McCann went on to describe the desirable CFO characteristics that fast-growing, innovative companies are now looking for.

“They engage in minutely detailed data analysis, drive the sales process and act as lead executors of the company’s business model and overall strategic direction.”

Such detailed analysis requires easily consumable data analytics; visual analytics. Therefore, it’s easy to understand theAdaptive Planning Visual Analytics New Breed CFO .correlation between the up-rising of the New Breed CFO, and the explosion of visual analytics.

And in order to drive the sales process, today’s CFOs realize that Cloud technology is not just recommended, but required. Cloud-based CPM & BI software offers the cross-department collaboration needed to efficiently drive sales. And when proper integration features are added to this Cloud technology, New Breed CFOs can easily include departmental data into broader financial reports.

The result is a clearer view of overall business performance and the ability to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

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