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ServiceTitan integrates ERP/backend systems, unlocks insights

Like many great companies, ServiceTitan was created to solve a problem the founders had witnessed up close. ServiceTitan co-founders Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan are both the sons of general contractors, and each watched as his father struggled with the business side of the home services business.

The two went on to create a mobile, cloud-based platform that helps home service businesses like plumbers and electricians integrate all their sales, marketing, scheduling, operations, finance, and reporting in one software application. Trusted by more than 50,000 contractors, ServiceTitan is the most widely used field service software on the market today.

For a company founded on the promise of integrating data and services for its customers, it was then ironic that ServiceTitan struggled to integrate the services it relied on to run its own business. Information gathered in its Salesforce customer relationship management system couldn’t be easily integrated with data collected in the company’s cloud-based Intacct enterprise resource planning system. Siloed data made it difficult for the finance team to bring ServiceTitan’s finance, sales, and operations data together in a way that would accurately reflect the company’s performance and potential.

Integrated data enables improved business performance

That’s when ServiceTitan turned to Adaptive Insights. Thanks to an open ecosystem enabling seamless integration of all kinds of transactional systems regardless of vendor, ServiceTitan was able to use the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud to easily integrate data from its Intacct and Salesforce systems in real time.

By integrating these key business systems, the ServiceTitan finance team gained the insights needed to accurately forecast business performance, precisely determine customer acquisition costs, and help leadership determine how to most effectively bring on new staff to meet demand.

Intacct and Salesforce, working as one

Thanks to the tight integration with Intacct, the finance team greatly simplified their monthly close process, with any adjustments made in Intacct automatically flowing into Adaptive Insights. “Everything is just completely automated in our Adaptive Insights model. It works fantastic,” says Russell Nicholls, vice president of finance at ServiceTitan.

And by automatically integrating Salesforce data into Adaptive Insights, ServiceTitan increased its visibility into granular pipeline and close rate data. This helps inform the company’s productivity and quota expectations for sales staff, improve business performance forecasting, and allow the company to determine the headcount required to serve the demands of new customers without having to hire too soon or scramble for new hires at the last minute.

“We’re able to lean more on our Salesforce data and what our close rates and expectations around pipeline will be, and therefore the sales capacity we need to drive our pipeline growth expectations and how that translates ultimately into bookings,” says Nicholls.

Driving decisions with increased visibility

With the integration of Intacct and Salesforce, company leaders can now instantly look at real-time analytics dashboards to review business key performance indicators such as customer acquisition cost ratios, the annual recurring revenue per customer success manager, and the revenue generated per account executive.

By removing data silos and integrating all its key business systems together in Adaptive Insights, ServiceTitan not only has a much more accurate view of its business today, but what it can expect in the months ahead.

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