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Kindred at Home simplifies planning for caregivers

During the busy holiday season, one of the best gifts you can give a full-time caregiver is time— downtime to rest and recuperate. That’s why companies like Kindred at Home, one of the largest home healthcare services providers in the country, are so invaluable to the families taking care of loved ones at home. Kindred at Home serves over 130,000 patients each day from 600 locations nationwide. And these locations are typically led not by finance teams, but by nurses “whose favorite subject in school was not finance,” as Aimee McCorkle, vice president of business operations at Kindred, points out. That’s why implementing Adaptive Insights has been a game-changer at these locations.

“They’re not real crazy about the budgeting process, but Adaptive Insights definitely makes it easier for them,” says McCorkle. “It’s so intuitive.” By using the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, the very people who are giving time back to families get a little time back themselves, too.

Watch this video to learn how Kindred at Home benefits from using Adaptive Insights.

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