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Infographic: ROI Spotlight—BlackLine

BlackLine is a prime example of today’s fast-growing, cloud-centric organization. The company provides its financial close management solution to businesses in more than 100 countries, while internally using a series of industry-leading cloud tools to run its international operations.

For BlackLine’s finance team, the cloud solution of choice is Adaptive Insights paired with NetSuite ERP, which they use as the foundation of their highly efficient FP&A process. By combining Adaptive Insights and NetSuite, the company’s plans, forecasts, and reports are always populated with actuals.

“We’re gathering data that we didn’t have time to gather in the past,” explained Charles Best, BlackLine’s Vice President of Procurement and Facilities, noting that his team now has time to explore new types of analysis and identify trends that lead to helpful insights. “All of this helps us continually understand business performance, share insights with the global team, and confidently decide what to do next.”

In this ROI Spotlight, we present a snapshot of the benefits BlackLine gained after it enhanced NetSuite ERP with Adaptive Insights.

infographic showcasing the impact of cloud finance on BlackLine

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