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The Container Store Organizes Streamlined Budgeting Beyond Excel

The Container Store

After carefully evaluating traditional on-premise software solutions, The Container Store realized that Adaptive Planning’s cloud-based solution could offer equivalent functionality at a fraction of the cost.  The Container Store rolled out Adaptive Planning to more than 20 users across the business.  Now with Adaptive Planning, The Container Store can roll-up plans automatically, conduct expense planning and produce monthly forecasts much more easily than with their previous Excel-based approach.

David Essex from Tech Target recently sat down with Michael Lambert, Director of Finance, The Container Store to ask him about his experience with Adaptive Planning.

“What we have with their solution is real-time consolidation,” he said. “I can go in and see — depending on where we are in the budget process — where we are in a rollup report. With Excel, I had to wait for everyone.” The Adaptive Planning system also lets The Container Store update its budget whenever it needs to, rather than waiting for the scheduled budgeting cycle.

Lambeth also likes how the software helps calculate credit card fees and supports payroll planning better than the Excel templates the company was using. Before, managers had to manually add employees to the template, but now their information is imported directly from the third-party payroll system.

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