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Video: Better forecasts means fewer holiday surprises for Maritz

As one of the leading providers of employee reward and loyalty programs, Maritz expects the holiday season to be one of its busiest times of year as people redeem points for gifts. As the hectic holiday season approaches, consumers are leaning on loyalty programs to enhance their gift-giving budgets.

According to a recent study, 50% of shoppers use rewards points from customer loyalty programs to fund their holiday shopping. They are treating their rewards like a separate currency, accruing and spending strategically to boost their holiday purchasing power and stay on budget. How does a company like Maritz plan for this ramp in activity? With the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud. Using Adaptive Insights, the finance team at Maritz is able to forecast and prepare for the rush.

“With Adaptive Insights, our businesses have built their own revenue models, which means our top-line accuracy has really improved. This accuracy allows us to plan better and have fewer surprises down the road. We’re able to more accurately and quickly project future changes in our business,” said Erin Riesmeyer, financial analysis director, Maritz.

Watch this video to learn more about the Maritz story.

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