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Your Missing Link Between Existing Technology and Cloud Data Analytics

There is no question that Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, is one of the most widely used suites of software tools in the world. Excel’s interface has standardized how we view spreadsheets, fundamentally shaping the evolution of data analysis. Despite what technology vendors say, Excel is STILL the best financial reporting tool out there.

It’s also true that Office tools alone do not have the scalability and flexibility that modern enterprises need to meet complex FP&A needs as the business grows. . As you open multiple offices, operate in multiple countries, and handle multiple currencies, it’s clear that you need tools to help you efficiently and accurately plan, budget, and forecast using the massive amounts of data your business accumulates daily.

So how do you combine the standardized, familiar look of Microsoft Office, with the scalability and flexibility needs of finance teams within larger organizations?

Answering this question is what drove us to create and release the newest product within the Adaptive Suite: Adaptive OfficeConnect.


When Adaptive users make changes within the Adaptive platform, there is now no need to manually make the same changes in whatever on-premise spreadsheets, presentations, or reports they keep on their personal devices.

Adaptive OfficeConnect has eliminated this step by automating it; joining richly formatted Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports with Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation in minutes. Once connected, OfficeConnect users can automatically update their Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents with data in Adaptive with a single click, while still retaining all formatting, calculations, charts, and narrative elements. The cloud-connected financial, board, and narrative reporting in the Adaptive instance can now blend seamlessly with Microsoft Office, allowing businesses to utilize both tools more efficiently.

Adaptive OfficeConnect is the most intuitive, advanced, cloud-connected reporting solution today for businesses, and is the long-awaited bridge between existing technology platforms that you know and love, and the cloud business analytics that are driving us towards the future.

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