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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 10/12

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reportingToday’s most successful CFOs are known for their strategic influence within their organizations. And as their influence within the C-suite continues to expand, so do the skills and expertise that define them in their current leadership and decision-making roles. With  that in mind, this week’s edition of CFO Must-Reads features a list of articles that touch on the skills, metrics, and resources that finance chiefs increasingly need to efficiently guide their businesses toward the smartest decisions.

1. Social media isn’t just for marketing.

More and more CFOs and broader finance thought leaders are taking to Twitter to express their valuable opinions, provide insight into current events, and share crucial information. This piece breaks down 129 gurus that a finance professional NEEDS to follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the industry. (via Business Insider)

2. It’s a digital world.

We now operate in the digital economy in which customers demand change almost constantly and senior executives struggle to create flexible business strategies that can cope with this persistent state of flux. As a result, the role of the CFO is changing, and companies in all sectors need to find a new set of metrics to measure success. This post highlights perspectives on this trend from leading CFOs within software as a service (SaaS) companies. (via ZDNet)

3. CFOs need vision to drive cross-functional change.

Everyone has a different definition of success, but it seems that most finance professionals have similar views of what makes a strategic CFO. When surveyed in the Adaptive Insights CFO Indicator, CFO respondents most frequently mentioned qualities such as business acumen, analytic approach, vision for the future, and the ability to foster collaboration as necessary for a CFO to be successful. Read this post to see what other finance professionals said when asked the same question. (via Adaptive Insights blog)

4. CFO for president?

The parallels to being an effective president and successful CFO line up in several key ways. Both need to have a moral compass, an analytical mind, conviction in their beliefs (and data), solid communication skills, people-centricity, and the ability to make tough decisions. Read this article to see why a CFO as our next commander in chief might not be far off. (via

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