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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 10/26

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reportingThis week, we reviewed the results of industry analyst firm Gartner’s recent survey with financial executives, identifying the top struggles they face. Specifically, this group continues to voice the need for technology to aid with data analysis and decision making. As we learn in this week’s Adaptive Insights blog, this technology exists and will enable a new type of CFO–a ‘new world’ CFO with an expanded role and ability to make strategic business decisions in real-time. The transformation to a new world CFO will not only require technology, but a shift in focus. CFOs can no longer look back, but will instead need to focus a keen eye on the future. In that spirit, we are providing the latest economic data showing that the U.S. economy may be slowing down, as well as some key advice and insights from two high-profile executives.

1. Strong Need for Strategic Improvements in Analytics

In the recent Gartner survey, financial executives indicated that they still need more technological support for analytics. The top processes requiring technology support include facilitating analysis and decision-making; improving the quality of data for decision-making; and ongoing monitoring of business performance. While some organizations have made initial investments in technology, the solutions often don’t address the quality and consistency of data. Learn more about the findings of this Gartner survey. (via FEI Daily)

2. Are You A New World CFO?

Gone are the days when the CFO simply closed the books and produced a financial report. The new world CFO not only needs sophisticated technology for accurate data analysis but also requires a shift in focus to become more agile. Learn more about the changing role of the CFO in this blog. (via Adaptive Insights blog)

3. Are We Facing an Economic Slowdown

Although housing remains strong, business spending and hiring are slowing. At the same time, consumer optimism also appears to be waning. See the latest data that could indicate a slowdown in the U.S. economy. (via New York Times)

4. Former Facebook CFO Takes the Reigns at New Healthcare Start-up

As a former CFO for both Facebook and Genentech, David Eisenberg is learning about the unique challenges associated with taking on the CEO role at a small start-up. This interview describes those challenges, and also touches on the special characteristics a CFO can bring to the CEO role. (via Wall Street Journal)

5. Insights from the CEO of $40 Billion Honeywell

When David Cote talks, people listen. As head of manufacturing giant Honeywell, he has a pulse on the industry that is perhaps unlike any other. These three key insights are important considerations in any financial planning approach. (via Time Magazine)

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