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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 11/9

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reportingHappy Friday the 13th! Despite the date, we’re working to make today your lucky day, with lots of tips and ideas for how finance leaders can transform their role, and the role of finance, within the organization.

While some of you may be change-averse, becoming more strategic and data-driven may not be as difficult as you think. There are two key things that finance leaders need to effectively analyze and gain insights into their organizations: Access to data, and strong collaboration with departments outside of finance. At the same time, though, the importance of speed and agility can’t be underestimated.

What does an agile analytics operating model look like? Our first story describes the elements of this model, and how it can be used to help CFOs transform their entire organizations. With agile analytics, finance can provide valuable insights on sales and marketing resource allocation, pricing strategy, and even make recommendations on how to approach human resources. When CFOs transform their roles, become data-driven, and gain insights into the organization, they can quickly align the finance strategy to the corporate strategy.

Our articles also provide tips for CFOs on how they can start to get involved in aspects of the organization outside of the traditional finance world, with collaboration as a central theme.

1. Agile Analytics

The data-driven CFO has the potential to transform all aspects of an organization, but the journey to insight must be fast. What are the elements of an agile analytics operating model and how can you implement them in your organization? Find out in this article from

2. What Does Finance Have to do with Human Resources?

The answer is more than you might think. While many CFOs overlook HR, organizations stand to gain tremendously when finance and HR departments collaborate. This article provides recommendations for how to easily bring these two groups together. (via Business Insider)

3. Balancing Innovation and Risk

In this interview with George de Urioste, CFO of Pluribus Networks, we learn that collaboration is at the core of his approach. Through ongoing and regular collaboration within his organization, he is able to ask tough questions without being seen as a “No CFO.” In doing so, de Urioste takes a “risk intelligent” approach when determining whether or not to say “Yes” to innovation. He also explains how CFOs can specifically address the growing cyber security threat. (via Wall Street Journal)

4. Finance Transformation is a Team Effort

Lisa Bauman, CFO of Certus Energy Solutions, discusses the importance of working with an organization’s entire team to ensure that the right data is gathered and analyzed.  Software tools and technology are great, but organizations will need to collaborate in order to get to a single source of truth. (via Adaptive Insights Blog)

What do you like to read as a modern finance leader? Tweet your top picks to @AdaptiveInsight, and read next Friday’s edition to see if your story made our list of CFO Must-Reads!

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