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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 8/17

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This week we read about the continued changes we see for the modern CFO and their finance teams—from the increased use of technology to their growing strategic roles and a great read about key CFO concerns by region.  Continuing to give our readers an easy way of staying current on the latest information, we’ve compiled the following list of 5 “CFO Must-Reads” from the week of August 17, 2015. These are gathered from a variety of resources such as, McKinsey, and The Washington Post.

1. What do you think the CFO role will look like in 2020?

From cloud technology analytics to visualization, the CFO role will drastically be evolving in the next five years and become much more strategic with the usage of tech.

2. Zero-based budgeting is back.

Making a comeback is never easy, but zero-based budgeting is making a show-stopping return. The venerable technique has catapulted back into the consciousness of corporate finance leaders; however, getting it right depends on five key elements.

3. Whoa, slow down: Your spreadsheets are whittling your efficiency down to turtle-speed.

Shauna Steib, Adaptive Insights senior product manager, breaks down the three reasons why spreadsheets are inadequate business tools (but acknowledges that they’re still pretty great for personal productivity!).

4. Corporate CFOs are more powerful than ever.

“In the past, everybody said ‘bean counter’ when referring to a CFO,” says Peter Crist, the chairman of executive search firm CristKolder Associates. Now, he says, a common refrain is to “find a leader in finance who can do a lot more than finance.”

5. Global CFO Signals: CFO optimism seems increasingly tied to their own country’s or region’s situation—for better or for worse.

Vigilance is being called a “good idea” as CFOs narrow their focus more on their longer-term prospects; instead of citing economic uncertainty as a huge concern, U.K. finance chiefs pointed to the possibility of rising interest rates; Belgium’s CFOs are worried about the competitiveness of their companies; and North America’s CFOs are greatly concerned that equity markets are overvalued.

Happy reading!

What do you like to read as a modern finance leader? Tweet your recommendations to @AdaptiveInsight, and read next Friday’s edition to see if your story made our list of the week’s CFO must-reads!

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