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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 8/24

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reportingThis week, we close the month of August with five CFO must-read stories that represent many of the increasingly diverse topics that are top of mind for modern finance chiefs–from their shift to the cloud, to their use of social media, to career-building insights from CFOs who are already flourishing in a more strategic leadership role.

So what piece of advice do CFOs wish they had heard at the beginning of their careers? How can finance teams best prepare for a move to cloud-based solutions? Can social media really help finance professionals become better leaders? Continue reading to find out with our latest edition of CFO Must-Reads, the one spot where modern finance pros can always have it their way!

1. A balancing act along a steady path to the cloud.

Modern CFOs are tasked with maintaining a delicate balance between investing adequately in research & development, and running a fiscally responsible business. That according to Ashley Vukovits, the recently appointed CFO of Interactive Intelligence Group, who discussed how she balances the books for a company with a shifting emphasis from providing on-premise software to serving customers in the context of the cloud.

2. Financial transformationin 140 characters or less?

There’s no doubt that social media has become a powerful tool. That reality is no different in the world of modern finance, where CFOs are tweeting and tagging their way to becoming better leaders and communicators.

3. A doubling of dimensions, with an extra side of analysis. Just the way you want it!

Paul Turner explains how finance professionals can model, analyze, and share performance data however they would like to, using the new 2015.2 version of the Adaptive Suite. It’s finally time to sit back and relax, grab some fries, and have it your way!

4. If only we knew then, what we know now!

In a recent CFO Thought Leader podcast, six current finance chiefs revealed the advice they wish they had gotten at the beginning of their financial careers.

5. What do top sports & business teams have in common? They’re both strong defensively.

According to Tom Taulli in his latest Forbes column, it’s the only way for today’s organizations to create an enduring and high-performing model for success. Read Tom’s latest Forbes column to learn the importance of top-tier, modern financial software within the process.

What do you like to read as a modern finance leader? Tweet your top picks to @AdaptiveInsight, and read next Friday’s edition to see if your story made our list of CFO must-reads!

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