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CFO Must-Reads: Week of 9/21

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We said our official goodbyes to summer 2015 this week and welcomed the first day of fall, kicking off financial planning and budgeting season for many business finance pros. As CFOs are successfully navigating organizations through the home stretch and ensuring businesses are prepared to hit the ground running in 2016, we decided to feature a list of CFO Must-Reads that highlight the unique skills required to do such a job. From financial planning and performance to data collection and storage, our must-reads feature men and women that truly have a hand in key processes across the business. They’re killers of the corporate blame game and advocates of automation. Most importantly, they’re never too afraid to fall from a tree.

1. A detailed guide to killing the blame game.

What’s a CFO to do when employees point fingers and work begins to stall? Kevin Herring details the multi scenarios in which office disputes can halt productivity, and how to effectively solve each one.

2. The CFO’s role is real in data security.

With investors and potential acquirers focused on the protection of sensitive data and with brand equity at risk, Jessica Franken and Heather Buchta argue that modern CFOs can no longer afford to sit idle in the data security discussion.

3. Meet America’s top 50 female CFOs.

The number of female finance chiefs in the U.S. is on the rise according to the latest Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in America. The list features 58 companies with female CFOs, more than double the number of female CEOs on the list (22). Check out Business Insider’s latest top 50 countdown to meet some of today’s most powerful women in finance.

4. Don’t wait to fall out of your nut tree. 

What can finance pros learn from Scaredy Squirrel? Priya Rajan connects the dots between a popular children’s book and the apprehension that many finance leaders have when it comes to replacing inefficient yet familiar tools with modern technology built for modern businesses.

What do you like to read as a modern finance leader? Tweet your top picks to @AdaptiveInsight, and read next Friday’s edition to see if your story made our list of CFO Must-Reads!

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