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Data Analysis Emerges as Key Strategic Role for Modern CFOs

Adaptive Insights infographic showcasing the strategic value of data analysis for CFOs. What are the CFO initiatives that can bring the most strategic value to your organization?

This is one of the questions we asked 377 global CFOs in our CFO Indicator Q1 2016 report, “Big Data, Better Vision: The Agile CFO“. The results, as captured in this second in our series of three infographics, reveal a future marked by data analytics.

Seventy-eight percent of CFOs said that using financial data analysis to achieve profitability and growth is the most important strategic value they can deliver. In the multiple choice question, using financial data analysis tools to derive new operating models was cited by 75% of CFOs as another source of strategic value.

In short, the survey indicates that priorities are shifting for CFOs across the globe. As they look ahead to 2019, CFOs predict that a focus on talent management, transforming financial data into intelligence, and leveraging IT will top their lists. Many are also heavily investing in tech and predicting a software as a service infrastructure future.

Read the first infographic here.

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