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Enterprise Business Analytics For Dummies, Part 5

Adaptive Planning cloud cpm software corporate performance management business budgeting software budgeting and forecasting visual analytics financial reporting softwareToday we follow-up last week’s Enterprise Business Analytics post on management and availability, with Adaptive’s methodology during cloud implementation.  I’m talking specifically about Adaptive’s four-step process to creating personalized budgeting software for our clients.


The process begins by defining the key needs of today’s financial leaders. Our product feedback program plays a huge role in this process. The goal is to have as much information as possible to improve our existing solutions, and in turn help finance teams create more efficient and accurate business processes. This stage is all about building a detailed definition of our customers’ most important business requirements.


After the definition Stage, Adaptive Planning Project Managers design a draft of the solution that incorporates all key technological areas, including dimensionality, multi-instances, hierarchies, key metrics, business logic and rules, and more.  The main purpose of this step is to ensure our product will fit the customer’s unique requirements.


Although we offer a highly detailed design step, Adaptive remains flexible throughout the implementation process.  Adaptive is able to work with newly identified needs, even when the implementation process has already begun.  Adaptive’s Planning’s Project Management Team keeps clients continuously updated during all stages of development.  The customer is encouraged to log in to their adaptive instance, view the progress of deployment, and offer feedback.


During deployment Adaptive works closely with customers to ensure that the financial modeling software is properly implemented and prepared to meet key business needs. This includes a detailed written document describing the application, and training services that are tailored to that client.

Even after deployment, Adaptive’s support team is always a phone call away and fully capable of answering any of your technology questions. It’s own of the many reasons why our support team has a 97% approval rating from customers, and why Adaptive consistently earns the top customer satisfaction rating among all CPM vendors.


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