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Financial Following: Six Social CFOs to Track on Twitter

Adaptive Planning Financial FollowingForecasting and financial reports are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of Twitter.

But today, tech-savvy, social CFOs are finding their niche in the Twitter sphere. They’re sharing financial best practices, providing thoughts on new technology, and showing their personal sides, 140 characters at a time.

Here’s Adaptive’s list of 6 CFOs you should follow on Twitter, and why.

Frank Mullens, CFO, Adaptive Planning Financial Following1. Frank Mullens, @FrankMullens

With nearly 6,000 Twitter followers, Frank Mullens, CFO and COO of Marketing Innovations International, uses his Twitter page to “encourage the persistent evolution of corporate strategy to seize marketing opportunities and grow profits,” as he describes it. But Frank is a man of many social mediums. He’s blazing a trail for social CFOs of the future with his active use of Pinterest and Foursquare to share his out-of-the-office outings.

Jeff Epstein, CFO, Adaptive Planning Financial Following2. Jeff Epstein, @JeffEpstein 

With 264 active followers, Jeff Esptein may be one of the most under the radar social CFOs to date. But the former Executive Vice President and CFO of Oracle is a daily Tweeter and appears to have something for everyone, whether its sharing a video on the art of pickpocketing, detailing the tips of high-growth startups, or posting an insider’s guide to dating a VC.

Donna Mackenzie, CFO, Adaptive Planning Financial Following3. Donna Mackenzie, @donna_mackenzie

Her following of nearly 400 isn’t as large as others on this list, but it’s tough to find a Twitter page as diverse as Donna Mackenzie’s. As the CFO of One Laptop Per Child, Donna uses her page primarily to update everyone on the status of affordable educational devices in the developing world. But Donna also offers thoughts on cloud technology initiatives, and even airs her grievances with her cable company when she has to – something we can all relate to.

Ken Kaufman, CFO, Adaptive Planning Financial Following4. Ken Kaufman, @_KenKaufman

Ken Kaufman, General Manager, Vice President, and CFO of Aribex, has been a social CFO leader since 2009, when he published his own list of CFO Twitter handles to follow. Since then, Kaufman has amassed over 10,000 followers of his Twitter page, where he shares business advice on anything from how to inspire innovation within your company, to mobile technology best practices, to product messaging techniques.

Wendy Nelson, B2B CFO, Adaptive Planning Financial Following5. Wendy Nelson, @ColoradoCFO

Wendy Nelson is as experienced as any social CFO. She has served as CFO for three different companies and is currently a CFO consultant as part of B2B CFO – one of the largest CFO firms in the U.S. for mid-market companies. Her 500+ Twitter followers can read Wendy’s advice on exit strategies, corporate leadership, and more.

Michael Bayer, CFO of Mobiquity6. Michael Bayer, @MichaelBayer

CFOs have lives beyond financial reporting. Take Michael Bayer, for example, who uses Twitter to show a more personal side. The CFO of Mobiquity, a mobile solutions provider, has nearly 1,000 followers of his “Rush” themed Twitter page, where he shares Mobiquity news, his takes on new mobile technology, and recent research on mobile device usage.

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