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Financial Following: Social CFOs Trending On Twitter

Adaptive Planning Business Intelligence (BI) Social CFOsLast week we gave you our list of the top six social CFOs who have taken their talents to Twitter, sharing their financial expertise, personal musings, and building a social networking name for themselves that will pave the way for social CFOs of the future.

Part Two of our social CFO series showcases another five trending CFOs.

Bas Brukx, CFO, Clarabridge1. Bas Brukx, @bbrukx

Bas Brukx is the CFO of Clarabridge, an industry-leading Intelligent Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provider. He has over 17 years of experience in financial, strategic, and operational planning for high growth tech companies. Translation? He knows his craft. And when he is speaking, people are interested. His following is all about quality over quantity.  His Twitter page is a real conversion – full of contributions from his followers on a wide range of financial topics. 

Michael Barbarita, Owner, Next Step CFO2. Michael Barbarita, @nextstepCFO 

Michael Barbarita is the face of handle, but The Next Step CFO isn’t a single person. It’s the official Twitter account for, a company that provides outsourced CFO services for companies that cannot afford a fulltime CFO. Over 1,200 followers means there’s an interest in such a service. Next Step uses Twitter to promote financial webinars and offer quick financial advice.    

David Shatto, CFO, SkarlatosZonarich3.David Shatto, @davidshatto

Perhaps the most unexpected member of our list is David Shatto – CFO of the legal services firm SkarlatosZonarich. On the surface, mixing finance and law is not the ideal recipe for engaging Twitter conversation, but Shatto is turning the trend with a Twitter account that publicly promotes his black belt in judo and ju jitsu.  His Twitter posts make for an appealing blend of helpful financial regulation details, contributions from followers, and personal anecdotes.

Chuck Boyle, CFO, Convercent4.       Chuck Boyle, @clboyle4

Convercent CFO Chuck Boyle may be the most social of all social CFOs because he uses Twitter promote professional group events. His followers are regularly invited to meet Chuck in-person at anywhere from tech conferences to Convercent happy hours.

Jeffrey Ishmael, CFO, Cylance5.       Jeffrey Ishmael, @CorpFinCafe

Cylance CFO Jeffrey Ishmael has amassed over 800 Twitter followers mostly by sharing his love of cycling. Sure, you’ll find some Cylance product news and ReTweets of industry-related topics. But Ishmael’s page displays a personal side to the CFO.

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