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Implementations Often Include Business Process Changes

Our customers look to us to help them improve their planning processes, not just build the same mousetrap a different way.

It’s true that an easy and straightforward implementation can quickly bring value to a customer.  Whatever planning and reporting was being done with spreadsheets is going to be accomplished much faster and more efficiently in Adaptive Planning.  Sometimes we have customers who just want their current process done better, done faster.  We can deliver that.

But most of the time, our customers ask us, “What do your other clients do?”  What they’re really asking us for is some solid, experience-based advice on improving their internal business processes.  Successful implementations often hinge on the ability of an organization to make changes, and improve their planning processes as part of their Adaptive Planning implementation.

This is why we staff our Professional Services group with seasoned finance professionals, who have both deep product expertise as well as best practices knowledge, and experience in FP&A across a variety of industries and company sizes.  We have the experience required to review our customer’s planning processes, and make recommendations for improvement.  The value we bring to the table goes way beyond application expertise.  This is why our Professional Services team often becomes an extension of our client’s finance organizations.

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