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Introducing The Adaptive CFO Council: One More Way to Gain an Analytical Business Edge

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We’ve all read about the new finance trends. CFOs are taking on more strategic roles within their organizations. An increasing number of finance teams want to replace legacy performance management tools with modern, cloud BI & CPM solutions to help run their modern businesses. Overall, business leaders know that quicker access to more dependable performance analytics will give them a significant business edge.

These modern, more strategic finance leaders need a place to network, discuss new roles, and share best practices around fulfilling their new responsibilities. And that’s what the Adaptive CFO Council is all about.

This August, Adaptive Insights will debut the Adaptive CFO Council: A collection of like-minded, senior finance leaders who are using the Adaptive Suite to gain that analytical edge.

Yes, you can still become a member of the CFO Council. So take advantage of this complimentary group, and gain even more value out of being an Adaptive customer.

When you do, here are three things you can start doing to add insight and maximize the value of your membership:

1.       Introduce Yourself

Become a member today and you’ll get immediate access to our online Council forum. Start the conversation by introducing yourself to the rest of the Council members. You’ll be getting to know each other in-person as we host live Council events and webinars in the coming months.

2.       Mark Your Calendar

Speaking of live webinars, our first Adaptive CFO Council event will be a live introductory webinar on Aug. 26, hosted by Jeff Epstein, former Oracle CFO and one of the founding members of our CFO Council. You definitely want to clear your schedule to attend this event. In addition to introducing the council and its other founding members, Jeff will also detail his 5 Lessons for the Modern CFO, based on lessons he learned during his wildly successful career in Silicon Valley. You can get a sneak preview of those lessons here.

3.       Learn about other members

More than 150 senior finance leaders from the biggest companies and hottest brands in the world have already joined the CFO Council, including Jeff Epstein, and former PeopleSoft CFO Ron Codd. Join today to check out our full list of members, including those in your industry, and start sharing best practices and strategic advantages you’ve gained through better performance management and more dependable financial analytics.

Want to join the Adaptive CFO Council but aren’t a customer yet? Signup for a demo today and take a first step to joining our group of more than 2,200 industry-leading customers worldwide!


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